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Come forward is this okay? Hi guys, in these past months many have asked me to do a thorough review of my car, which you have quickly seen in some videos, …so here you go Ok guys after these awesome images shot by Jack (thank you Jack!) I’m gonna take you around Milan taking advantage of the Milanese August, where the city is still empty to try a few gears. Before tell you about the pros and cons that I feel this car has Since I’ve driven it for 3 and half years so I think I know more or less what works and want doesn’t, but the pros and cons depend on the user. I’ll tell you mine so, the technical data: under the hood we have a turbo 2000 the overall weight is about 1300 kg, which for a car like this with an all-wheel drive it’s pretty light. The cost at the time was about €42.000 for the standard model but you know how it is.. you start out by saying “that’s a nice car, it’s €42.000 I’ll think about it” then you put in it a decent seat and sound system, and we go from 42 to 50 in fact this model like this with bang olufsen system with 19 inches circles, because it comes the 18 inches one and the ultra-large display, now you’ll see why, unfortunately I have to keep it off otherwise you don’t see a thing we get to that price so not entirely affordable consider that an RS3 basic without no thing inside you can have at €56.000, standard price but it’s still already a great car. Personally I believe it’s better to get something cheaper but that you can set up well, compared to doing the opposite Now, before talking about pros and cons, I’m taking you to a nice place, I already talked about in a video, it’s called Le Gemelle it’s the place where when I was a kid I hung out with my friends with scooters, bikes and car and all that we could try, it’s right in the heart of Milan and it’s exactly over there so we’ll do a bit more naughty rides, to hear the sound in the car we set up the dynamic, another optional, that’s not in the basic car, we rise the limit, I don’t know if you heard it 900 revs at 1200 the car becomes much more rigid you head how it got the cobbles in a very rude way, listen: You hear her the sound beautiful if the exhausts open you hear it even more I know what you’re about to say: the safety belt I know, I know. The thing is that since I have the gopro here, I put the belt on you won’t see a thing so we slow, and we pay attention. Just this once but always wear the belt! Now let’s talk about pros and cons, which I think are very interesting. Let’s start with the cons that I like better First of all, the versatility. It keeps a low profile it has a nice trunk, so very useful. and despite the shell-like seats you don’t get tired during trips I need lots of space for the suits, boots, bags, no problem whatsoever while if you want to go to run a bit at the mountain passes you click the dynamic button, you open the exhausts, the cars lowers a few millimeters, it gets rigid, and you have lots of fun. Second quality is the price-quality ratio because in the premium compact category, like this one, it has few rivals the only one is the 45 amg, which we’ll talk about later, it’s the only one that can compete because in terms of interiors Audi completely destroys Mercedes let’s talk about the flaws, in the engine, but wait a second, other quality: the sound as soon a you accelerate, I don’t know if you heard it before it gives you goosebumps Once we get to the stoplight I’ll let you hear it better to feel pleasure, between a stop stoplight and the next I throw in 6 gears I mean, it’s like saying “give me more” and then braking automatic double clutching, 4th and last quality is the chance to drive in any condition with this car I found myself once with summer tires the sports one, the ones I have on right now, with two fingers of fresh snow 90% of cars had stopped while I was driving relaxed, I got there safe and sound, this is thanks to the all-wheel drive by Audi, which is really something and now unfortunately, let’s talk about the flaws what can I say? the first one, without a doubt, is the understeer, this car suffers it tremendously I don’t know if you also saw it before when I accelerated a bit instantly, straight. It’s crazy I think it is due to its torque distribution because we don’t know if it’s a 60-40, 70-30, but still more towards the front and this causes, I think, even though it makes the car more safe for those who can’t drive it but for those who want to push it to the limit I mean, guys, it’s embarrassing and imagine that I bough this with 3 doors because I wanted the step a bit shorter and to avoid this problem. I know, I’m crazy but the understeer we don’t want it. Second flaw, according to me, of this car is the electronics, and all the devilries it brings with it Why? If I want to turn off the traction control, or ESP etc, I really want to turn them off instead Audi always leaves something on to save your ass Ok, you might say, it’s for safety so it’s a must yes, but on a A3, if one wants a more sportive car so S3 or RS3 you have to give me the chance to turn everything off as I please. Right? No. Audi doesn’t give you this chance You can’t turn everything off so even if you try to do a slide, as soon as it feels that the yaw is too much, it saves you anyway second thing, I go to Audi and I say “I want a semi-automatic car” Great, we’ll give you a semi-automatic car I get a semi-automatic car I have my nice levers my nice gearbox so when I put it in automatic mode I want her to change but when I put in manual mode I want to be able to change, instead… no! listen why? if I want to drive the car to the limiter for a km, why won’t you let me do it? this is not democracy, it’s not okay So basically if I put manual and we accelerate all the way it will change once it reaches 6900 revs So, Audi, give a bit more power to the people who drive, because in the end we just need to press the accelerator and brake I mean, it’s fine on road cars but on sport ones at least let us do these basic things just press the lever but no.. you can’t And finally, this shitty keep down, if I go on the track and I need to go a bit more so I want a lower gear and I don’t want to stay hanging I don’t want to find myself pressing the accelerator and you downshift and then accelerate again like crazy It’s not okay but even here, if you press the whole pedal keep down, it downshifts the car doesn’t know what it’s doing anymore, half an hour to change the gear and it starts again, on its own and also this, dead Audi, should be fixed Lastly, as a flaw, I would mention the brakes because you do like 10 mountain hairpin turns and then the lever goes all the way down, but have to say that this is car is halfway between a sport and a road car, so we can forgive this but on an S3, a minimally slotted disc could be ok like on a Mercedes, wait… no! Yeah I almost forgot the worst flaw the engine because Mercedes loses in terms of interiors and lines, I think, but the engine guys it totally wins over Audi same engine, turbo 2000, one car has +400 HP, the new versions even get to 410HP I believe, while Audi only 300, so for that dear Audi, you’ve got work to do but this car has also some nice gems one is the launch control and now we’re headed to a place very nice where we can do a nice shooting also with the exterior and the interior, so you can hear how it works, also because Audi declares 4.7 from 0 to 100 with the launch control inserted so let’s use it Ok guys we’re at out forth of a mile this is the issue: to make everything work because it looks like a nuclear plant so I’m gonna try 50 times, I get it right 3 so let’s see if I can do it now manual then, drive select drive select dynamic here we go turn off controls I think we did it and so let’s try. Or maybe not the handbrake here we go Holy s**t don’t forget to subscribe to the channel to not miss the first test and the first race on the predators subscribe to the channel


  1. Auto pazzesca…. la musica iniziale e finale è fantastica…. Come sempre i tuoi video sono bellissimi… 💪💪💪💪💪 Complimenti Luca

  2. Like per la descrizione dei difetti.. oggi giorno poter guidare una macchina è sempre più difficile, in quanto guidano sempre più per conto loro. Ed ogni volta che si ha un mezzo non "democratico", come hai detto te, stringe un po' il cuore.
    Esperienza personale: vedersi tagliare il gas in una partenza al limite (causa traffico), per la trazione e ritrovarsi "fermo" in mezzo ad un incrocio è brutto.
    Oppure la dipendenza dall'angolo di sterzo, che finché non lo riporti diritto non ti danno il 100%, è un qualcosa di snervante.
    Big up per le prestazioni delle varie tecnologia.. ma un gran NO per il livello di "democrazia".
    (piuttosto l'aggravante se la telemetria mostra che non si era in sicurezza, in caso di sinistro)

  3. Il problema del cambio manuale non ce l’ ha solo Audi….
    mio padre ha comprato la Mercedes classe a 2019 versione premium e se si mette in modalità manuale cambia da sola🙄🤬

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