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54 thoughts on “Video Shows BMW Ramming Into Truck During Wild Road Rage Incident

  1. Man if it was a hit-and-run let the dumbass run not go after him whatever it is Brooke now the other guy can't sue them get some money and get a brand new truck lol

  2. Bmw #1. ..30k ain’t nothing to a boss.. he gonna fuck that guy with that f150 for trying to get away.. watch them lawyers flip this story.. 😂

  3. I praise the BMW driver for standing up for himself, it was just a game of bumper cars, add more to it that's On you.

  4. Ok. I’m going to play devil’s advocate here, but while what the bmw did was wrong, it was also wrong for the truck to hit the bmw and attempt to get away. Let’s not forget about that. I can understand a portion of the bmw driver’s anger to an extent.

  5. both should have gone to jail. The truck for the first hit and attempt to run. Ultimately he could have killed the truck driver or a bystander . road rage is not worth it. Count to 10 before you begin to rage.

  6. …sounds like privileged meth or coke head gone wrong… lost marbles. No sleep. Something triggered. Bubble busted. …ala shit came to a head…

  7. We don't know the full story. What if the truck hit the bmw and tried to run away? Could have been a hit and run with some illegal in the truck. That would change things. When I was little, my mom was driving and we were rear ended by people. They just drove off. Unbelievable. I would support the death penalty for hit-and-run drivers.

  8. But like if The witnesses saying the guy in the truck hit the BMW and try to get away, I mean there’s a slight reason why he tried to stop him from leaving, I mean if I were driving a 100k car I’d be pissed too. That’s me 🙂

  9. Assault with a deadly weapon. Im not here to take away your right to drive. I simply want to propose we have a full criminal background check before you are allowed to drive. As well as a mandatory 10 day wait period before purchasing a car. A background check for all fuel purchases will also help prevent dangerous people from driving. It will also make me FEEL safer.

  10. 27 year old with a BMW. Interesting. Obviously an entitled rich person or that’s daddy’s money. Either way they tend to behave in arrogant aggressive ways. And he was able to quickly pay for his $30,000 bail. Rich person. He knew it didn’t matter if he bangs the car up more. He can afford that. Some are saying the truck was originally at fault, but clearly the BMW ended up being in more fault. He could’ve taken a picture of the license plate and just let police handle it.

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