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ZACHARY: Hello everybody! Zachary Fenell, author of Off Balanced here. I have a question for you today. When you need to go out, what do you do? I bet 99% of you are probably saying grab
your car keys and drive to your destination. Well if you’ve read Off Balanced you know
I don’t drive. So when I want to go somewhere things aren’t
that simple. Actually certain times they can be. I live in the suburbs so a lot of things are
in walking distance. I use a local coffee shop ah Phoenix Cafe
as my meeting place for potential clients, fellow writers, and in-person interviews. Going back a second, yes. I walk there. It’s about one-and-a-quarter mile one way,
so two-and-a-half miles there and back. Another place I’ll walk is to my friend Mike’s
house. Those who have read Off Balanced may recall
Hot Rod. Again, that’s a little, his house is a little
over a mile I believe. (Chair cracks) Earlier this summer he had
a cookout and I remember getting some funny looks from friends when I told them I walked
over. Why didn’t you ask us for a ride? We would’ve given you a lift. What often gets lost is the idea I wanted to walk,
for multiple reasons. Independence is a major one. Having an independent personality but having
to rely on family and friends for rides isn’t fun. Getting myself place to place is a small feat,
but yet a very rewarding one. Another reason I want to walk is I enjoy the
exercise. It’s calming and relaxing. Plus I’ve been informally training to walk
a half marathon. I have the endurance down, biking half marathons
on my stationary bike with ease. However, I need to work on my gait so I can
transfer that into an actual 13 miles on foot. Walking as transportation helps allow me to
complete such a task. Walking also creates the opportunity to change
disability perceptions. A person who associates a disability with
inactivity will receive a reality check when seeing me limping down the street. I’m almost always friendly too, waving and
saying hello, “Hello,” to those I encounter. Therefore the opportunity for someone to ask
me about my limp or ask me about my disability exists. Those three things are just a start to why
I like to walk. There is also the simple reason because I
can. How many individuals in the CP community use
wheelchairs? I’m blessed to have the functioning legs I
have. Then there is the fact walking is more environmental
friendly. Finally, the last one I’ll mention here today
walking is healthy. To my fellow Americans, Mexico might have
surpassed us at the, as the most obese country but should we as a country take pride in being
the second most obese nation? I think not. Walking as transportation could allow us to
shed some extra pounds and move further down that list. Okay, time to get off that obesity rant. Allow me to end this video with a call to
action. Next time you think about going up to the
corner to grab a bite to eat, coffee, an item or two from the grocery store, etcetera, etcetera,
rather than reaching for your keys, pick up those tennis shoes and take a stroll. Until next time.

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