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How Automobiles Work

Americaneagle.com is a digital agency
with years of experience in the automotive industry. We cover all aspects
of the online experience, from web development to hosting to online
marketing. Within our 400 strong organization we have a specialist team
of automotive enthusiasts and technical experts to design your website, build
your website, and make it better after launch. I think the love of cars is in
your blood. You know I think you’re kind of born with it. Our family collects
different types of automobiles from my father’s 1979 Volkswagen convertible to
my 68 Shelby Mustang. My uncle just restored his Shelby Mustang after
basically a lifetime of owning the car from a teenager to now. A big advantage
of working with Americaneagle is yes we’re gearheads, yes we’re techies.
That means we’re not going to put struts next to your exhaust
manifolds under the engine category on your website, unless it’s a hood strut
which maybe you want to upsell. For us automotive is the tech business.
Americaneagle.com’s experience in the automotive industry is beyond reproach. We have
been working with WeatherTech, as an example, since 1999. We have people working on
WeatherTech.com since the site was launched still at the company. And that’s
the big benefit is the people and the expertise all under one roof. My favorite
thing about working with WeatherTech is the flexibility that they give us to
A/B test, to constantly suggest changes now that we understand their business
like they do. For this year’s Indianapolis 500 motor race, we assisted
the in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in doing the design and production of the
actual Indy 500 site, which as you know is a big passion of mine. This one is
near and dear to many individuals at the company’s hearts because we’ve been going
to the racetrack for years. The biggest feature that Indianapolis Motor Speedway
users enjoy is just how much easier the site is to use. It’s not just the Indy
500 than is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. There’s
concerts, there’s festivals, there’s the Red Bull Air Show. So we were able to
give them experience that yes talks about the Indy 500 that we love so much,
but also all those other events that they hold to bring more people to the
track, more people going to their museum, more people seeing the amount of history
that is at that track. The Chicago Auto Show has been a customer for well over 12
years, and we really enjoyed working with the largest consumer based auto
show in the world. We’re not selling a product with Chicago Auto Show. We’re
trying to bring more people to the show, to look at a variety of product over a
huge expansive weekend. There’s an entire suite of digital tools to augment that
physical experience. The result is more footsteps through the Chicago Auto Show
door but it’s also more emails and contacts for use with companies that go to the
Chicago Auto Show as well. Another great customer of Americaneagle.com is
the Autobahn Country Club. So Autobahn Country Club is a gearhead’s dream. So
we have a very segmented approach on the homepage to drill people down into
memberships, and real estate, and courses to figure out who’s looking at the
website, how long they’re staying on there, and getting a conversion from them.
We optimize their SEO, their usability, are continually monitoring the site
opportunity, and increasing exposure experiences for their customers. Because
of our history, passion, and resources to get the job done, there’s no
one else you should look for in this industry. At Americaneagle.com,
automotive is in our DNA. Contact us to find out how our automotive team
can help you today.

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