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How Automobiles Work

(Intense Electric Guitar Riff) – It’s a race to the finish. One winner, two losers, no helmet. – This looks dangerous, Marty! Do something! – Don’t worry Fred, help is on the way. (motorcycles idling) – Losers! – Who’s that? – That’s Jason, my
personal injury specialist. – Is he on the payroll? – When business is
down, Jason can generate business with a snap of the wrist! – Oh! You mean the snap of the fingers! – Those too. – Marty, you’re a genius! – Who’s the loser trying
to make my boss look like a loser? – You mean the guy that’s hardly around when you need him? He doesn’t need any help being a loser. He was the biggest loser
around, ’till you got here. (crowd oohing) – It’s on Shark. I will break you. (crowd cheering) – On your mark. – Yeah! – Get set. – Go Shark! – Go! (record scratches) – I’m starting the race right now. Go! (heavy rock music) – He’s got him, he’s got him! (grunting) (boogie-woogie piano) – I thought you were a goner! – Me? Never. – Get up! Come on, come on! (heavy rock music) (wooing) (weakly woos) – Get out of here. (boogie-woogie piano) – My tanning bed’s on the fritz. Bronze me up, Carmen. (heavy rock music) (crowd wooing) – Yeah! Come on Shark. – Come on man! Come on, you can do this! You can do this! You can make it happen! Come on! (toy mallet squeaking) – Let’s go Shark! Go on, let’s move! (Bonk) (heavy rock music) – Motion denied. (victorious trumpets) (crowd celebrating) – That Shark sure can bite. – Congratulations! It’s
a buy one get one for cheese sliders at that
new wing place in town. – You keep it. (heavy rock music) – Drinks on me guys, let’s go! – Yeah! Now we’re talking! Drinks. – Life’s hard, have some fun. (heavy rock music)

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