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Hello, John Talley here with
partzilla.com. So let me guess: went over to a buddy’s house last night,
saw a four wheeler sitting in his yard, been sitting there for a while.
Well, you in your friend exchanged a little bit of money all of a sudden it’s
in your garage the next morning. So now what do you do? Well it’s a simple
process you can go through to evaluate if it’s really worth saving or not.
Chances are, it probably is. So what are the signs you need to look for to let it
guide you through this roadmap to get it running again? The absolute first thing
you need to do is go ahead and change the oil in it, and when you’re doing this
really pay attention to what’s coming out of it and hopefully, maybe it has a
magnetic drain plug. That’s going to give you an indication as to well, what’s
going on inside of that engine. Now as you’re doing this do more than just
change the oil. Go ahead and replace the oil filter as well. Believe me, we’ve got
plenty of oil filters in stock. So I guarantee you we’ve got one for your
unit. And if you need a little help figuring out how to do it, well chances
are if we’ve probably done an oil change video on that particular unit as well. If
not, send us a message. Maybe we’ll get that on our playlist. Next
thing you need to consider and look at is the fuel system. Well, just unscrew the
gas cap and just take a smell. I mean if it smells like turpentine, you’re gonna
have some work to do. Now whether it be a carburetor or a fuel injector, guess what?
We also have how-to videos on that topic as well. Now if it turns out that your
fuel system does need to be cleaned out and you have a fuel injection system? We
have a tool from Motion Pro that can actually do that. So come check out our
site, find the adapter that’s going to work for your situation, and we’ll get it
shipped out to you. Now, if yours is a carbureted unit, well then we have kits
already packaged up and ready to go that have all the pieces that are typically
replaced in a gummed up carburetor. Makes life a lot easier. Now we want to look at
the electrical system. One of the best tools you can use to do this is a
digital voltmeter. If you need one, believe me, we’ve got plenty in stock.
Also as you’re going through you want to do a visual inspection of the wiring
harness itself. Now if it’s been stored in a barn, well you’re gonna need to
really take a hard visual look at the wiring harness because chances are
something has been chewing on it, and the last thing you want to do is put
in a brand new battery on a damaged wiring harness. Now while you’re doing
that inspection of the wiring harness, that is a great time to multitask and
just look over the condition of the frame. You want to look for any areas
where there’s paint missing like it’s been chipped off. That is usually an
indicator that the frame has been bent. You also need to look at your suspension
components: the control arms, the knuckles, the steering controls, does the steering
have any play in it. All those little movements that you feel
in your garage? They’re gonna be amplified out on the trail, and the last
thing you want to do is have a machine that’s hard to control at 40 plus miles
an hour in the woods. Not a good idea. Now if you’ve acquired a motorcycle
instead, and it doesn’t matter if it’s on or off-road, there’s a couple of other
things you’re gonna need to look at and that’s going to be the forks. We want to
see if they’re loose or leaking or actually have a smooth fluid feel to
them. Same applies for the rear shock, whatever type system that the machine is
using. Now if you suspect that the frame has been tweaked, that’s when you get out
the tape measure. Go ahead and do some cross measurements to see just how far
out of whack it is. Can a frame withstand just a little bit of a tweak and still
be used on the trail? Yes, but there’s a point where it becomes dangerous and you
do need to replace the frame. The last thing we really need to look at is going
to be the wheels and the bearings. The best way to do this is to actually lift
the entire machine up, that way you’ve got easy access to rock the wheels back
and forth, make sure the bearings aren’t completely worn out. And at that point
you really need to take a very close look at the condition of the tires. I mean
are they completely bald? And you also want to look at the sidewalls on the
inside and the outside and what you’re looking for is any cracking that has
actually happened. If that is occurring, well that means the rubber is old and
it’s starting to break down and it will fail on you. Now as we’re talking about
tires, if you happen to be looking at a motorcycle you have an advantage there,
because motorcycle tires actually have a manufacturing date stamped into the side
of it. That’s going to be a very clear indication if you need to go ahead and
get those off the machines so you’ll be safe either out on the trail or on the
road. Here at partzilla.com, we are dedicated to fixing it up, getting
it running, and then keeping it running. So whatever help you need, come to us
that is what we are here for. Listen, we just want to say thank you for shopping
here with us at partzilla.com, and if you have any questions or comments, leave them in the section below and we’re gonna find out the answer for you. Now if you like
what you see, why don’t you go ahead and hit that subscribe button. That way you
can keep up with whatever I’m working on next. Just want to say thanks for
watching, and we will see you in the next video.
Y’all have a great day.

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  1. I have a question I have a 400ex it has a new battery and a new solenoid and all it does is clicks from the solenoid could you help me figure out what’s wrong with it

  2. I was wondering if the position of the carburetor itself could cause starting issues? … I had a carburetor set up leaning to the side and the ATV would not start, and I swear all I really did was straiten it up and it started and ran way better?

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