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(sticker peeling) – Oops, it turns out you
can buy these off of Ebay. (drilling and hammering) Whoa, yes! Oh, ho, ho! (inspiring orchestral music) What you are looking at right now is an actual motor of a
Tesla Model S, that’s right. A lot of people that have
gas cars are a bit intrigued with electric cars and
like, how they work. And I’ve had four to five Tesla’s, guess how many oil changes I’ve had? Zero. Guess how many times I
switched out the transmission? Zero. The gas cars have all kinds of maintenance and things you have to do. With an electric car,
you don’t have to do that because it’s basically a
computer, the battery pack, and then this motor, right here. This is it. This is what gives you
that ludicrous speed of people freaking out and being terrified of riding in an electric car. – I feel so dangerous right now! – Ah!
(wind rushing) (laughing)
– Oh! – Whoa! – (yelling) Oh ho, whoa!
(laughing) – We’ve cut open a Tesla battery before. We bought this guy off–
– Ebay! – Ebay. We cut open the Tesla tires
and Lincoln had a crazy idea, let’s cut open or take apart Tesla motor. – It looks really big and
bulky with a lot of screws and that’s kind of scary. – This thing weighs 550 pounds. When I bought it off of
Ebay, they were like, do you have freight pick up place? And I’m like, oh no. So we called our friend
Cougar at Lux Auto Spa and he said, yeah, go ahead
and ship it to my place and you can take it apart there, so, it’s supposed to be
functional and work right now. And then there’s some
kind of plug right here, so maybe there’s some sort
of liquids inside of there. I really don’t know. Look at all these screws that
have nice green lines on them. It’s like they’re asking us, they’re begging us to take it apart. Let us know in the comments right now, do you think we’re going
to actually be able to take this thing apart? How many Tesla motors have you
taken apart in your lifetime? – Zero and there’s not a lot of stuff on the internet about these.
(laughing) From what little research we did and what we could find online, this is what we need to
take it apart, so we’ll see. – Yeah, all right, well–
(drilling) (upbeat electronic music)
(drilling) – [Cougar] This dude right here. (upbeat electronic music) (drilling) – [Narrator] We got blue stuff! (laughing) – What the heck? Look at this, we are spilling blue liquid out of the motor right there. What do you think that is?
– [Cougar] What in the world? Do you know?
– It’s some kind of lubricant. – That thing is not slowing down. It hasn’t changed, like–
– So should we catch that, in like a bucket or something? What’s inside of a Tesla motor, the first thing that we found is there’s– – Blue Kool-Aid–
– Some blue coolant. Just kidding, I’m not going to lick it. Don’t lick the blue stuff. Smells kind of like tuna fish. With the way that it’s leaning right now, I’m guessing this entire
section is full of the coolant. (upbeat electronic music) (hammering and dripping) Ew!
– [Lincoln] More blue Kool-Aid – [Narrator] Oh, what is that? There’s a bunch of the
coolant that came out of it, so it must be some sort
of coolant reservoir, if you’re doing like
ludicrous mode or something and you’re going super fast, you gotta keep these motors
cool, not just the batteries. And so, I’m guessing that is what that is, it creates a little bit of separation. – Or sometimes when we’re
not even in the car, and the car is just parked outside and it’s like 105 degrees outside, it is so loud, just cooling it down.
– [Narrator] It is. Yeah, that might be the
coolant running through, like it’s running the coolant through it. – [Lincoln] Hey Hunter, what’s up? (upbeat electronic music) (drilling)
– Oh whoa! (drilling) Things are getting real here.
(drilling) (laughing) (drilling)
(electronic ringing) Whoa, I’m like a NASCAR guy, pit crew! (imitating drilling noises) Change those tires! (upbeat electronic music) Oh, yeah, more blue stuff. (grunting)
(electronic ringing) – Wow, that was pretty cool. (upbeat electronic music) (record skidding to a halt) (motor revving)
(banging) Whoa!
(laughing) – [Lincoln] Too much awesome! – What happened, I don’t know. – It broke it!
– Too much muscles! – Ate my Wheaties this morning, I guess. (upbeat electronic music) – There we go, a nice little gear. That’s an important part, to the Tesla, I would think.
(hammering) Oop, yep, I got it!
– [Lincoln] Yes! Yes!
(laughing) – I almost fumbled it, but I got it. What is that, that’s a giant bearing? Oh, this is right here. – [Lincoln] Does the whole thing spin? – [Narrator] Oh, yeah.
(upbeat electronic music) There you go, your Tesla is driving. Should we be concerned
about the high voltage sign? – [Lincoln] No. – [Narrator] Is there
still energy inside of it? – Possibly.
– (laughing) Possibly. We’re about to find out.
(bright electronic music) You wanna take off this top.
(plastic popping) Blam!
– Yes! – That’s like The Matrix, that movie? Tesla Model S motor. Warranty void if seal is broken. (plastic peeling) Oops, uh oh. (bright electronic music) Oh, it does come off,
watch your toes, oh ho ho! – That’s cool though, whoa!
– Whoa! Oh my gosh! That’s the high voltage area. – [Lincoln] That’s the
warranty, right there. – And that’s unbelievable, right there. – [Lincoln] Wow.
– That is a full on computer. This is inside of the motor. Giant computer in here
that talks to the motor, that gets everything turning. A lot of people have been saying lately that a lot of the electric car companies are like, three to five years behind where Tesla currently
is, and it makes sense. This is a 2012 Tesla Model S. We’ve got cars coming out in 2020 from a lot of the big time manufacturers. I would be surprised if
there tech is as advanced as what the Tesla has in
their old school motor. Okay, this is something
really, really interesting. We’ve got the PCB board right there, it says high side, low
side, whatever that is. And then you see these, they’re almost like little
spark plug looking things. See how shiny they are? But when you touch it, it’s sticky. – Ah, what is that? – [Narrator] What is that stuff? – [Lincoln] What is that? – [Narrator] I don’t know
if it’s toxic or not. We found the brains. There’s this weird sticky,
gooey stuff right there, tons of PCB boards. This is probably one of the most advanced, electronic motors that
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(robot squeaking) (bright electronic music) You’re not limited by
what the robot looks like on the package, you can
actually take this apart, reconfigure the motors and
build different creations, just as you want to do it. – [Lincoln] It’s really cool, you can control the robot from the app. – [Narrator] There are
lots of different series of the Jimu robot; mythical
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for sponsoring this video. If you’re interested in
getting the Jimu robot, the Meebot 2.0 kit, check
the link in the description, let’s go take apart the
rest of this Tesla motor. (bright electronic music)
Back to the motor. We’re going to get to
then actual motor part and the first step is gonna be, this is the entire inverter,
I guess is what they call it, with all the PCB boards. And I think if we take off
some of these screws right here we might be able to pull it out and it might look super cool, let’s do it. (upbeat electronic music)
(drilling) This is typically what Mr.
Jerry Everything would do, where he takes things apart properly and now I kind of see why he enjoys that. (upbeat electronic music)
(metal clattering) Okay, oh, ho, ho, ho, whoa! Aw, got it. That is that Flux Capacitor right there. – Wow, there’s just a giant gap in there. – It’s like a triangle,
doesn’t it look like something Tony Stark would put on his chest? Which they do say, Elon
Musk is like Tony Stark. Okay, the arc reactor, we are going in. There’s about 30 screws here, it’s gonna take me probably
about six or seven minutes, and for you it’s gonna
take like, six seconds? (upbeat electronic music) There’s a screw somewhere
in this that we’re missing. So, this is the part
where you just kind of try to use some force, and–
(metal clanking) Pull off this part of it.
(motor banging) I mean, we already voided
the warranty, right? (hammering) Okay. That’s how we do it, right there. This is a giant section
of this transistor, Lincoln, hold onto that. – It’s so weird, (stuttering)
that’s a lot of stuff. – See what I did there, Cougar? I just bashed that part off. – Of course.
– [Narrator] Is that the way, you would have gone about it? – I mean, I don’t know if
we’re putting it back together but is what it is.
– [Narrator] Yeah. I think I, not only did
I void the warranty, I don’t think we can every
put this thing back together and it’s all my fault. I’m sorry, I know there’s
a lot of Tesla fans that are like, what are you doing, we could have used that motor,
and I know we could have. But you wouldn’t have been
able to see inside of it. That’s the only way we
could take it apart, right? The real brains of this thing, the motor, just like the Jimu robot
that we had earlier. (upbeat electronic music) (plastic cracking)
Finally! I did it! Right here, has some of the
most squishiest material ever. I don’t know what kind of paste this is, probably shouldn’t be touching it. All right we are really
starting to loose this liquid. Red and blue liquid, we
know this is cooling, I don’t know what this one is, but it’s coming out of the
copper motor part of it. This is intense, we are loosing liquid. Where’s our blue pan? (plastic sliding)
Stay right there. Who knew that Tesla’s
have oil inside of them? Like we don’t have to get an oil change but that’s oil, cause of the way that it’s
mixing with the coolant. It’s something that goes inside of it. Now we gotta crack this motor open! (hammering)
This is it! This is the moment! (dramatic orchestral music) (record skidding) I don’t think we really pointed
out this side over here. There’s just three little cables, that’s what this thing was connecting to. And there’s some sort
of weird tape in there. (tape peeling) I don’t know, okay,
back to the big moment. (dramatic orchestral music) (hammering)
(exclaiming) Oh yes, whoa! That is just so cool! – What! – Okay, this is the coolest thing ever. (dramatic orchestral music) These are the gears.
– Wow! This is where the torque comes from. That makes a Tesla go zero
to sixty in 2.3 seconds or whatever, these giant gears right here, this must have been where the oil was, that just twist around. Oh my gosh, and then look in here. There’s like bearing inside
of here that roll around. This one has little balls inside of it. And this one has these rollers. – It smells weird. – And then, giant
bearings inside of there. This is a huge bearing.
– [Lincoln] That’s so big! – Wow, how do these
things not get torn apart after years and year of use? And look how smooth that is though. That’s where your efficiency comes from, of cruising down the street. (dramatic orchestral chord) One of the coolest projects
and one of my favorite projects that we’ve ever done, what’s
inside of a Tesla motor? And I don’t know what else
we can do inside of a Tesla. – Yeah.
– This is it, we did it. (hammering) – [Cougar] Are you grounded right now? – Hmm, Lincoln’s grounded from Fortnight. – [Cougar] Oh–
– What? – [Narrator] Good joke. – When’s the last time I played that? – I don’t know. (laughing) Don’t lick the blue stuff.

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