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This video is for you and anyone else unsure
about bus lanes. Hello I’m Chris and knowing when to use bus lanes is important, getting
it wrong could mean that you get a fine and not using the bus lane when you’re allowed
could be a driving test fail. Bus lanes are marked by a dashed white line turning into
a solid white line. Always look out for the blue bus lane signs that tell you when the bus
lane is in operation and only these vehicles are permitted in it. We’re not allowed in
this bus lane between Monday – Sunday at any time. So, we’ll avoid this one. Every bus
lane has different times of operation. Always keep a look out for those blue signs. Make
sure that you use the bus lane when you’re allowed to. Using the bus lane when you’re
allowed allows other road users to overtake you. Whenever you turn into a new road always
look out for signs. Here’s another bus lane. This one hasn’t got any times on it, so this
must be in operation at all times. Again, we’ll avoid this one. Always give way to buses
if you can, unless they have their own bus lane and then you might not have to. Always look out for pedestrians that might be walking out in between buses or pedestrians running
from the right towards a bus stop. In a one-way road you could expect bus lanes on the right
hand side, as you can see by this sign. It has no times on it, so it must be in operation
24 hours a day. Here’s another bus lane, this one has two set’s of times on it. Between
7 and 10am and between 4 and 7pm we cannot use it. It’s after 10am and it’s before 4pm,
so we can use this bus lane. Again, this can help ease congestion. Here’s another bus lane,
it’s after 10am so we can use this one as well. Don’t forget that you must use bus lanes
if you’re allowed to. It could be a driving test fail if you don’t. Well that’s the end
of our short video about bus lanes, hope it’s been useful. if it has then please press the
subscribe button for our latest videos, don’t forget to give us a thumbs up like as it’s
really appreciated and good luck with your driving, stay safe on the road and see you
on the next video! Thanks a lot for watching.

70 thoughts on “When To Drive In Bus Lanes – UK Driving Lessons

  1. Hi Chris! Great video! At 2.07, if I had to turn right at the end of the one way road I would have definitely positioned myself to the right into the bus lane and failed my test on the spot! 😳

  2. What lane do i chose for going straight ahead (12 o'clock) at a roundabout which only has exits to the left and straight ahead? There are two lanes on approach and there are no road markings or signs.

  3. Hi Chris! Went past a bus lane when outside its operation time, so I chose left hand lane, but there's a break at junction with a sign on the floor indicating for turning left [there's one such sign from KNOW YOUR TRAFFIC SIGNS p33 ].
    Not quite sure if the sign means for left turn only? or I can still use the bus lane for going ahead?

    Any thoughts?

  4. Hi. Good video thanks. Please what are the most common times that one is likely to see on these bus lane signs or are they purely random times? Because anticipation could make for faster reaction.

  5. Is it just me that thinks it's very unfair that not using a bus lane when you can will result in a driving test fail? After all, it's not putting any other road users at risk or dangerous driving; surely it should be a matter of personal choice. Sometimes the times on the signs are not easy to see, especially if you are on your driving test and nervous anyway.

  6. Chris, would you like to drive to Glasgow and investigate how stupid rules they have calling 'bus gate' and fining innocent people for being in a bus lane even on Christmas Eve!
    https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Glasgow,+Glasgow+City/@55.8553658,-4.250137,3a,75y,17.06h,80.03t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sHP3pdTVbzzLHI4stSKBjIA!2e0!6s%2F%2Fgeo1.ggpht.com%2Fcbk%3Fpanoid%3DHP3pdTVbzzLHI4stSKBjIA%26output%3Dthumbnail%26cb_client%3Dsearch.TACTILE.gps%26thumb%3D2%26w%3D392%26h%3D106%26yaw%3D13.832004%26pitch%3D0!7i13312!8i6656!4m2!3m1!1s0x488815562056ceeb:0x71e683b805ef511e!6m1!1e1 http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/13128220.One_camera_responsible_for_quarter_of_bus_lane_fines_in_Glasgow/

  7. If you notice a bus lane is in operation as you get close, could you fail straight away for entering it, or are you allowed some leeway to signal and move out as soon as is safe to do so?

  8. I love your videos.
    thankyou for making them clear and precise.
    I have failed my driving test 9 times. my previous instructor destroyed my confidence.
    I hope to pass soon.


  9. Thanks for all these vids! They've been so helpful πŸ™‚ I've got my test in about 3 hours and am determined to pass first time!

  10. Can any one help me understand why my son today was failed his driving test, because he inadvertently touch the white line of a bus lane. Can't comprehend this, what's going, this is just so wrong.

  11. I have my Lorry test this summer, i noticed there was a Blue square Bus and cycle sign with no times on it.. but has a white line going across it showing other car driver their lane, wish i had a pic for you to see it, i will leave a link https://www.google.com/maps/@56.4005753,-3.4380749,3a,75y,99.09h,82.02t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sP8hFyFJhdRaf5-EWH1p30g!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 does this mean i can drive my lorry on bus and cycle lane for my test?

  12. I had my driving test today and failed due to driving in a bus lane as I was turning left at the roundabout up ahead and I moved across too early and went into a bus lane. But I suppose that is just how the cookie crumbles.

  13. do all bus lanes have these blue coloured boards to tell people of the times that they can be used or do some bus lanes have no boards at all?

  14. I'm sorry but failing someone for not using a bus lane is absolutely ridiculous, people should not be overtaking if you are driving at the correct speed limit so that bit does not even make sense, there should be no need to change lanes if the lane you are in is not congested, i find it really odd that this is supposed to be a test of awareness, but actually switching to a bus lane from a perfectly clear lane is pointless and is likely to cause more problems than if you were to keep driving in the clear lane you were in. And for this to be a serious fault, it's a disgrace, pulling out at a roundabout when a car is approaching is dangerous, straddling lanes is dangerous, not doing correct checks when manouvering is dangerous………..not using a bus lane? What a joke, this needs to changed

  15. I drove in a bus lane the other day and it was funny that I was the only one in it lol my instructor told me if I don't drive in it on my test it's a fail πŸ™ so lets hope I remember! little video shows me on my own in bus lane πŸ™‚ why do full licence holders not know they can use it.

  16. Hi, can you only move into the bus lane when the line is dashed, or can you still move into it when it is a solid line? Thanks

  17. But let's say that the bus (3:00 into the video) stops. Do you stop behind it or change Lane again? Hope the question isn't too stupid..

  18. I'm so confused. Got my test in 2 months in Gillingham. My instructor tells me that it's unsafe to slow down look at signs and interpret them if not sure. In this case let's say your on a 30 or 40mph road how is it safe to slow down read signs and move to the bus lane if appropriate? For someone inexperienced it's quite likely they would slow down and this will impact the traffic behind them. I really think that failing someone due to a bus lane error ie not using it is quite unfair. Don't see much hope for me eeeekkk

  19. Learn how to use them sure, but don't use it during your test. Don't use it and take the minor mark. If you get 15 marks in your test, you aren't ready to pass anyway but using the bus lane incorrectly will cause an instant fail from a serious mark.

    Just take the minor fault as it's not worth the risk.

  20. I love bus lanes, when they are out of operation no-one uses them and the amount of queues I have jumped using them is unreal :')

  21. Hi Chris, thanks for your videos, they are really useful and help me to save money. I have recommended your channel to my friends.
    Do you think if I can over taking a cyclist when I am driving in a bus lane? As you know the line of bus lane is a solid white line, I am not sure if I can drive on the line or change lane.
    Thanks. Have a nice day of your everyday!

  22. so let's say you are in left lane and that lane becomes bus lanes in 10-20 meters, so you need to change lane to right, should I indicate to the right? My LGV said that I don't need to if I change lanes just before bus lane start lane, is it true? I am confused

  23. I always avoid driving on bus stops as i think they're bus lanes when I'm driving up to them. I see the word bus and just freak out…

  24. Forcing you to use bus lanes is stupid. When I was learning to drive my instructor would always tell me off for not getting in the bus lane when it was open, otherwise I'd fail. So I would get into the bus lane. 10 metres later, a bus ahead would then stop to let passengers on/off. My instructor would then tell me to get out the bus lane, so on goes the indicator and then wait until it is clear to change lane. By this time, the bus would then usually take off again, in which he would then shout at me to switch the indicator off and stay in the bus lane. Just how is this safe driving?

  25. what confuses me is it says AT ANY TIME so i think you can use it AT ANY TIME instead if it said DO NOT USE AT ANY TIME it would be more clear for me :S

  26. The board is way too small to read while driving, they need to make them bigger or just give you a minor if you don't drive in it when it's appropriate

  27. I do not know if the routes for testing are predetermined and common knowledge to driving instructors in the UK as they are in Ireland but the test candidate would be very well advised to rehearse the route of his driving test so as to know in advance the times of use and other time based details of his test route. I have seen the same type of behaviour on our roads, part time bus lanes not being used except by a tiny minority, also street usage restrictions and right turns being taken when they should not be taken etc… These restrictions are OK when you are familiar with a route and take it every day but can confuse out of towners taking a journey for the first time. There is no practical way a first timer will have time to read the timing detail on the signs without slowing down unduly to do so, annoying other road users.

  28. the thing that bugs me the most is the numbers are pretty small to read especially when travelling at higher speeds.

  29. Hi there.

    There is a bus lane on my left stating there it should not be used between 7.00-10.00.

    I have to take a left exit for me to turn in a road.

    Should I cross the bus lane to get into my exit?

    Please advise.


  30. I am reading some of these comments and I feel your pain. Why are the important signs that can fail you in your driving test sooooo small (bus lanes and speed limits)? Causing you to hunt for them on a road you aren't allowed to slow down on. The sign overload and inadequate size is in itself a legal hazard. CRAZY!!!!

  31. Also, arent blue signs positive indicators? and red boarded signs negative? Why is the sign blue and the words "anytime"…it implies you can drive on it anytime….a red border would communicate restrictions. AND why are these bus lane signs ON the bus lane…by the time you read it you are on the lane already…or about to swerve to knock cars out so as to not touch the lane and fail. It is dumb! Such signs should be 100m or so ahead of the lane. Its not for pedestrians.

  32. you had to stop, zoom then check the time…how unfaaaair would be to expect students to read this when driving at 40mph…

  33. This doesn't just apply for bus lanes it also applys to most (hov) lanes. High occupancy vehicle lanes too so if you see the signs for them check the times because you could drive down them too if outside the times.

  34. If you are allowed to use bus lane but you are unsure about operation time as you can't read the time mentioned on the sign board, don't take a risk to use bus lane. It's not gonna make you fail if you don't use it. It's minor thing.

  35. I don't think anybody could read those boards and find out the timings while driving on the road without stopping (which again is a fail), forget about nervous guy taking a test.

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