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How Automobiles Work

When you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle
collision or if you’ve been injured on someone’s premises or any other type of situation where
you’ve been harmed, one of the first things that happens is your phone starts to ring. You start to get papers in the mail. One of the common questions that we get is
“who are these people who are calling us?” And it’s important to differentiate who these
folks are to be able to navigate the insurance claims process effectively. In a motor vehicle collision case or in a
case where you’ve been injured on someone’s premises, one of the first people that’s going
to contact you is going to be what we would call the no-fault medical insurance adjuster,
or the personal injury protection adjuster in an automobile case, and they shorten that
up to call them the PIP adjuster. In cases like that, these are adjusters that
are there to make sure that your medical bills get paid. In the case of a motor vehicle collision,
this adjuster actually is from your own insurance company. In the contract that you sign for your own
automobile insurance, part of that coverage that you have provides for no-fault medical
benefits. It doesn’t matter if you caused the collision,
or if someone else caused the collision, you’re going to get medical benefits up to whatever
your policy limits are. That’s also the case if you’ve been injured
on a premises, where you might have what we would call a no-fault or a med pay policy. Again, it doesn’t matter whose fault it is,
that policy will pay for certain benefits. Even in medical malpractice cases, there are
sometimes med pay policies, doesn’t matter whether there was medical malpractice or not,
but if you were injured in that type of procedure you may be able to get your medical benefits
paid for. Now, the adjuster will contact you, and it’s
important to recognize who they are. The second type of adjuster that may be contacting
you would be your property damage adjuster. This is, in most cases, a motor vehicle collision
case where someone’s calling you about damage to your car. Now, sometimes you’ll actually have an appraiser
come out to evaluate the car, but your property damage adjuster will be the one that you’ll
be negotiating with over the phone about how much your car was worth. Now, sometimes this adjuster can be from your
own insurance if you’re pursuing it through your own insurance, or the adjuster may be
the at-fault adjuster for the at-fault driver. In either case, you’re going to be negotiating
what the full value of your car is. The third type of adjuster that you’re going
to encounter is your bodily injury adjuster. Now, this is the person in every case where
they’re looking at what was the impact this injury had on your life, what was the wage
loss, getting compensation for the permanent injuries that you may have, the physical pain…this
adjuster actually works for the at-fault insurance company. This adjuster is there to compensate you for
your harms in your case. Now it’s important to remember that each one
of these adjusters, whether they work for you or whether they’re working for the at-fault
insurance company, those folks at the end of the day are evaluated on how much money
they keep in their pockets and their insurance company’s pocket. Not by how much money comes out to you. So it’s really important to know who you’re
talking to throughout the process, and if you don’t know just ask them over the phone. And ask them “what are you here to do?” There’s nothing wrong with asking a question
like that. If for some reason they’re still a little
bit of confusion, feel free to give us a call. And, again, use the resources that are on
our website to learn more about the process.

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