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I’m gonna talk about stupid car slogans now
car advertising slogans have been around just about as long as cars the first car
I had in 1898 simply said dispense with a horse it said what it did then in
1912 Henry Ford said our advertisements never attempt to be clever well in the
beginning perhaps not but they certainly changed especially after World War two
in the United States they started to get futuristic and just crazy insane ads
like you were going counter space in your car with a giant fins it started
to get ridiculous any course today and in the future the digital and revolution
is taking over it’s been forecasted by 2021 there’s gonna be five point eight
billion dollars in ad revenue for cars in the United States digitally so
needless to say a lot of money is being spent to get you to buy a car as any
advertising scenario goes in the world these days sometimes it’s just plain
stupid either by design or by innuendo or even ironically my all-time favorite
is the GM one where they had the song like a rock like a rock do you really
want a car that’s like a rock hard sits there doesn’t move it’s getting to be ridiculous
but they’re trying to sell cars with songs talking about being like a rock
well they don’t use that word anymore but to me that’s one of the all-time
tome one’s now fiat strada had one pan built by robots there’s an oxymoronic
one if there ever was then there was the old Buick one when better automobiles
are built Buick will build them this is insinuating that Buick doesn’t build
very well made cars today and another Buick one this one gets me it makes you
feel like the man you are okay more than half of the country is women so you just
cut out half of the population and your advertisement unless you have a whole
bunch of women who want to be man another crazy one from the past is
mercury at the sign of the cat what’s that they leave hair balls all over the
place or they’d be on everything marking their territory
granted it was for the Mercury Cougar the Mercury Cougar was actually a Ford
Mustang underlying the frame engine everything was the same was just a
different body put on top of the Mustang so they had to get something to make a
different but at the sign of the cat yeah maybe not such a great slogan and of
course let’s throw the Germans in here last year in the United States
Volkswagen spent more money advertising than any other car manufacturer in the
United States one of their old slogans was it’s not a car it’s a Volkswagen
so if a vw isn’t a car what the heck is it an animal is it
a mineral what is it it’s not a car Cadillac once used the slogan the
penalty of leadership well I got the penalty of leadership is that you fall
out of a leadership and now make junky cars and fall apart and cost a fortune
of course they’re to go for the snob factor maybe all the CEOs a not daring
about Cadillacs what about the common man you know I guess they didn’t care
about that and Audi following up on their snob appeal their slogan was never
follow so I guess you can’t buy an Audi and drive it in the city of Houston
because there’s traffic jams everywhere and you’re always following people or
you take that seriously and zoom by everybody soon you’ll be followed by the
police are gonna give you a ticket you’re speedy another Doozer was
Volkswagen again drivers wanted what’s just like a crappy
restaurant where it sells helpful in it on the outside they’re begging for
people to come by their cars not such a good sign maybe you lost something and
translation from the German then there’s Nissan’s old slogan built for the human
race well what is it built for cats dogs to drive around snails another
oxymoronic one I really wanted you people stay up night losing sleep coming
up with these stupid things so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  1. Part 2: https://youtu.be/lrPp_kyvYKI

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  2. That first comment was in the beginning of the video.
    After the video 😂🤣😂🤣😂👍🏽👍🏽😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  3. Scotty… I need your opinion! My wife bought a new car that shuts off and restarts every time you come to a stop… to save gas? Seems to me this is going to raise hell down the road with the starter, injectors whatnot.. in traffic the car might turn on and off every minute Just for a few seconds.. what do you think about this? Is it made to do it or should I disable that function?

  4. At 1:00 Scotty, You still trying to hide the eyesore cans and bottles in front of your garage with the sailboat? Still getting away with the neighbors not calling the City? LOL

  5. Here's one: "Suckers wanted" or "Big Wheels…Rides Like Crap" or "The Ultimate Driving Experience…Drive Like A Zaniac"

  6. Volkswagons farfuenugen I know I spelled it wrong I'm not German lol. And Toyotas "Oh what a feeling" with someone jumping upward and smiling.

  7. With all those chemicals sitting around, anybody else think Scotty's lot will be declared a brown field by the EPA when he dies.

  8. GM says "the testing grounds" (shows people in traffic)…so we can win!(race track)…in other words the public buys cars to be guinea pigs.. Thanks GM!

  9. My (least) favorite was Chevy's "Don't You Buy No Ugly Truck!". And it was for literally the ugliest trucks Chevy has ever produced. But hey, I followed the slogan's advice! Didn't buy one. (also, they managed to find some ugly actors for the commercials, how is that a plan?)

  10. Ha! I manufacture Toyotas for a living. During the Toyota unintended acceleration recall, our slogan was, "Toyota – Moving Forward" I cringed everytime I saw a Toyota commercial.

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