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(engine revving) (gunshot fires)
(glass breaking) – What happens when you
take an Italian Supercar, throw an American V8 in the back, and put it in the hands of one of the most eccentric
pop stars of the 20th century? (gunshots fire) If rock and roll was a
car, this would be it. It’s loud, it’s fast, and this big old wedge of Italian Parmesan has a Ford 351 in the back. Not only did Elvis own this car, he shot it with his revolver,
(gunshot fired) but why? We’re going blue suede
shoes to pop-up headlights, bumper to bumper on
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(cameraman laughs) (upbeat music) Hey guys, really quick, you might be wondering why I, Nolan, am hosting an episode of Bumper to Bumper. Well, if you haven’t heard, James just had a pretty
serious health scare, a heart attack. He’s doing okay now, thankfully. But we’re giving him all the
time he needs to recover. Some other familiar faces and I are gonna be filling in for him. Go send Uncle Palm some
love in the comments. And from all of us at Donut, feel better, James, please. Now back to the show! (upbeat music) If you don’t know who Elvis was, he was basically like the
Justin Bieber of the 50s. He had some slappers. But even though this was Elvis’ car, this story is just as much about him as it is about another crazy ass dude, the guy with his name on the badge. Alejandro De Tomaso was born in Argentina and fled to Italy in 1955
after he was implicated in a plot to overthrow the
Argentinian government. It really doesn’t get more rock and roll than overthrowing the government. De Tomaso settled in
Modena in northern Italy, where he began his career as a
race car driver for Maserati. In 1959, he and his wife started the De Tomaso Automobili Company with intentions of
building Formula One cars. Unfortunately, that didn’t pan out. But De Tomaso wasn’t known for giving up. He was a fiery businessman with a notoriously short attention span. So De Tomaso pivoted from building F1 cars to developing high-end sports cars. The first car De Tomaso made
was the Vallelunga in 1963. I know I butchered that. A few years later, they
came out with the Mangusta. Ford’s chief designer at the time bought himself a Mangusta
and the dude loved it. His buddy and president
of Ford at the time, Lee Iacocca, loved it too. Together, they started
pushing Henry Ford II, AKA Hank the Deuce, to
invest in De Tomaso. When Ford engineers showed
up at the De Tomaso factory, they saw how shotty the build
quality was and were like, “If you come up with a car
that can be easier built, “let us know.” De Tomaso whipped up a
one-fifth scale wooden mock-up of the Pantera. The Ford engineers were scared
to go back to Hank the Deuce with nothing, so they were like, “All right, we’ll take it.” (rock music) The body was drawn up
by an American designer by the name of Tom Tjaarda
at Ghia Coachworks. This dude designed some
of the most iconic cars of the 20th century, cars like the Ferrari
365 California Spyder, the Mercedes 230SL Pagoda, and the Chrysler Lebaron. – [Man] It’s a Lebaron. – This is a 1971 Pantera. It sits on a steel monocoque chassis and has a curve weight
of around 3,100 pounds. The engine makes 310 buff horses and 344 foot-pounds of torque, it pulls. It also has pop-up headlights. But just like its
predecessor, the Mangusta, the car was fraught with
problems from the get-go, like “Chinese Democracy” by Guns N Roses or “Jesus is King” by Kanye West. I give it a light five. (hard rock music) From scale model to the moment the Pantera rolled off the production
line, took only nine months. Nine months. That’s an insane turnaround
for a car company. The Lexus LFA, which we
did in another episode, took 10 years to make! This thing didn’t even take a year. (hard rock music) The reason the development was so short is because Lee Iacocca
wanted to get the jump on any potential competition. He was afraid that someone would beat him to the American-European
Exotic Supercar punch. Is this the part where
Max is gonna phase me out in some weird animation? Brand (echoes) new, the
Pantera cost around $10,000, which is about $63,000 in today’s money. To put that in perspective, a Corvette cost around a third of that and a Ferrari Daytona was
almost double the price. So the Pantera was kind
of in a class of its own. A lot of the features on
the car were pretty rare for high-end European
sports cars at the time, things like air conditioning, power windows and even a door chime set this car apart from the competition. (electric guitar music De Tomaso slapped on those
sick magnesium wheels to cut weight and add a little pizazz. I love ’em.
(electric guitar music) What’s really cool is the tire
profile isn’t that insane. The wheel is relatively big for the era and it makes it look pretty contemporary. Panteras also came standard with four-wheel independent suspension and four-wheel power-assisted disc brakes. That doesn’t sound too crazy nowadays, but it wasn’t that common back in 1971. This thing could stop quite well. Because the Pantera
was a higher end model, Ford sold them through
Lincoln dealerships. It was presumably at one of
these Lincoln dealerships that Elvis Presley, a
noted Lincoln enthusiast, moon-walked in one day in 1974 and bought a used Pantera for $2,500, or $13,000 in today’s money. But more on that in a little bit. Panteras were immediately a huge pain in the ass for dealerships. Car salespeople didn’t
know how to sell them. Mechanics hated working on them. And the first 100 of
them had to be recalled because of a suspension issue. Electrical gremlins were a
headache as well because, as one mechanic put it, “No two Panteras were wired the same.” Not good. There was one thing that Ford mechanics knew how to deal with: The Ford engine.
(rock music) This particular car doesn’t have a trunk, but straight from the factory, Panteras had a removable
trunk bucket compartment that sat right above the
engine, somewhere in here. It was actually a pretty
big trunk for a supercar. Powering this twisted sister fit is a 5.8 liter naturally aspirated V8, AKA the Ford Cleveland V8. You know what else is in Cleveland? The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Coincidence? You tell me. European versions made 330 buff horses, but in the US, it only made 310 because of emission standards. Ya know, typical. Speaking of emissions, did y’all see that quad
exhaust in the back? (engine revs) Even though this car has an American V8, De Tomaso engineers tuned the
exhaust to give the Pantera a growl unlike anything coming
out of Detroit at the time. The big old 351 right
here is routed through a ZF transaxle five-speed
gearbox right here. I don’t really see stuff
like this very often. That’s pretty cool. Pantera can do zero to 60 in 5.5 seconds. That’s quick, man! It might not seem that fast nowadays because everything has
like 800 horsepower, but this is 1971 we’re talking about. The twice as expensive Ferrari Daytona did zero to 60 in just 5.4 seconds. That raw speed is part of the reason Elvis bought this car in the first place. If I know anything about Elvis, he loved speed. But the real reason that
Elvis bought this Pantera was to impress his new
girlfriend Linda Thompson. Can you imagine those
freakin’ lovebirds in here? Some big complaints of the Pantera are that the steering wheel
is in an awkward position, which blocks the gauges, and that the pedals are shifted towards the center of the car, what makes it hard to use the clutch. This is uncomfortable,
who would drive this? How did Elvis go to the
dealer, sit in this and say, “Yes, this is a comfortable car
that I would like to drive”? Panteras were notorious for
overheating and vapor locking, which is when gasoline in the fuel lines changes from a liquid to a gas, which kills fuel pressure
and stalls the engine. Not what you want in a supercar. Something else was
stalling at that time, too: Elvis’ career. The unfortunate combination
of a faltering career and abuse of prescription drugs meant that Elvis gained a reputation for being erratic and a bit of a hothead. Add to that his love of firearms and what you get is
absolute rock and roll. He shot his TV because
Robert Goulet was on-screen and Elvis didn’t like his face. He would sit next to his pool and shoot floating light
bulbs with his .22 for fun. He brought a gun into the Oval Office. This guy liked guns.
(upbeat music) During one fateful afternoon, Elvis jumped in his car after an argument with his girlfriend, when the Pantera didn’t
start up, surprise. Elvis grabbed the revolver
out of his ankle holster and fired two shots into it.
(gunshot fires) One of them popped the tire and the other ricocheted
off the steering wheel and shattered the windshield. You can still see the mark
on the steering wheel, right here.
(upbeat music) That’s what you do when you’re the King of Rock and Roll, baby. Shoot your car. Now that’s not even the
coolest freakin’ part. Elvis sold this car in 1976, and a few years later in 1981, it was traded for
$300,000 worth of diamonds at an auction in Newport Beach. Apparently, there was this
trend in the early 80s where people traded diamonds for cars and houses and stuff like that, which is insane. It’s the ultimate rich bastard move. Soon after the diamond trade, it was sold again to Robert Petersen of the Petersen Automotive Museum, where it lives today. I’m a little disappointed because it’s my first
episode of Bumper to Bumper and I really wanna start this thing up, but the battery’s dead and it won’t start. (somber music) (upbeat music) The De Tomaso Pantera is still a fast, stylish and underrated supercar. It could’ve been so much better if they had just spent
more time developing it. Panteras were still produced
until the early 90s in Italy because of a clause that De Tomaso slipped into the contract with Ford that allowed them the
rights to build Panteras outside of the US. If you can get your hands
on one of these things, you can find guides
and kits to make it run and handle the way it should have. Elvis has kind of turned
into a punchline nowadays, but he was actually a great
entertainer for his time. Elvis was the king of rock and roll, but the Pantera is rock and roll. (rock music) Donut wants to send a huge thank you to the Petersen Automotive Museum. If you’re in LA, you must check it out. We love coming here. I love you, Petersen. So, thank you so much. Be nice, see you next time. (upbeat rock music) (imitating rock music) RIP, Dimebag. Someday (laughs) Someday you’re the (beep) Some tay, someday you’re the, the (beep) (bass booms)

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