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You’re involved in a car crash and now the
other driver’s insurance company is calling and asking you for information like your Social
Security number. Should you give it to them? Hi, I’m Frank Nunes, and thanks for joining
me. I’m a California personal injury attorney
practicing in the State of California. In California, a lot of times the other driver’s
insurance company will call and get basic information from the injured party in a car
crash. One of the most common things they ask for
is: the person’s Social Security number. You might ask, “Why are they asking for that
Social Security number?” Well, there’s a variety of reasons, one of
which is to see if you are a Medicare or Medi-Cal beneficiary. But the more common reason is so that the
insurance adjuster for the other driver’s company can get your indexing information
to look you up in the claims index system to see what prior claims have been made, what
has been paid out, what areas of your body have been previously injured, and exactly
the number of claims you made. How can this information have any bearing
on your claim at this time? And, that’s exactly what I asked myself. But in the insurance company’s eyes, it shows
somebody with a history of repeated claims. It shows somebody with a history of repeated
injuries to the same area of their body. And, basically, it tells the insurance company
not to value your claim for harms in losses in the same light that you do. So, if you get a call from the other driver’s
insurance company and they are asking for your information, what should you do? Well, you should call me; I have the answer
to these questions. You can reach me at 559-436-0850. I’m Frank Nunes, and thanks for watching.

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