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I’ve had a lot of requests to see if wd-40 is a suitable substitute for gasoline will Wd-40 work in a small gas engine. now. There are a lot of questions that people have regarding wd-40 Will it work as a replacement for starting fluid? Will an engine actually run on it if it does run on it is gonna cause carbon buildup Or is it gonna cause some other sort of problem anyway? I don’t know what’s gonna happen But what I do know is we’ve got this small engine a new engine that we’ve never used before so let’s get this project underway So what exactly is in wd-40 I went ahead and downloaded the MSDS off of the website it contains between 45 and 50 percent aliphatic hydrocarbons petroleum based oil less than 25 percent LVP aliphatic hydrocarbons 12 to 18 percent less than 2 percent surfactant and Less than 10 percent non hazardous ingredients so the flash point of WD- 40 is 122 degrees Fahrenheit Or 49 degrees Celsius, so this is a lot more like diesel than gasoline Regarding the flashpoint so be quite interesting to see how this stuff works inside of a gas engine Since this engine does not have an adjustable jet I don’t want to drill the jet out to make it larger I am confident that Wd-40 will require a greater fuel mix if we’re going to get this thing to run So I’m going to do is use a piece of metal to act as a choke And I’m going to install this real quickly and then we can adjust the fuel flow By using this as a choke Okay most of these small engines are set up with an engine kill switch as well as an engine break So what I want to do in order to test the power of this engine on wd-40 is to have an engine break But I don’t want it to kill the engine, so I’m going to do is disconnect the kill switch And then I’ll be able to run this engine with just the engine brake applied The way the engine brake works in these small engines. There’s a lever on the handlebars of the lawnmower, and when you release the handlebars What happens is this brake is applied and it produces a lot of drag on this flywheel to quickly bring the? the engine to a stop So the instructions on the WD-40 can say to shake well, so I want to make sure I have the right mix of Wd-40, I’m gonna shake this up real good And then I’m going to add six ounces of wd-40 to this container and the reason I’m measuring it out in this container is If this does not work I want to be able to add the exact same amount of fuel So six ounces of wd-40 and 6 ounces of gasoline for total 12 ounces Okay, so just finished running this engine for a while on wd-40 what I want to do now is add some gasoline and run the Engine for about ten minutes just to burn off Any sort of the oily substance on the inside of combustion chamber so we can get a really good look at it Well wd-40 is not a very good source for fuel a whole lot of smoke Not a whole lot of action, but anyway a lot of fun with this video So thanks to the hundreds of people that suggested I do this video Please keep those suggestions coming I try to keep track of all those I’m keeping notes on which ones folks are recommending And I’m trying to get to those as quickly as possible as usual just want to say I hope you’ll like share and subscribe. There’s something I can do better. Please let me know that as well Thanks again for watching the video, and I look forward to seeing you next time

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