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How Automobiles Work

10 thoughts on “Women’s influence on the auto industry

  1. Its just so adorable. Women do more research than anyone known to man… 14 hours!!!! I bet she buys her kids McDonalds every night because the kitchen offends her. Show some tits!!!

  2. Imagine if instead of women they had been talking about white people….this show would be called discriminatory and it would cause an uproar and rightly so….yet society allows women to discriminate in this way without question…I think the majority of women are sexists….its time people stood up to sexism by women in society…Its time people stand up and put an end to gynocentrism.

  3. Quick quiz…name one successful female lead fortune 500….yah, all I could think of was all the ones ruined after having a woman placed behind the helm.

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