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word that war warm or what recall from the main road inevitable became friends with the
moving between characters in this book not
reviews not whose removable removed and we were very
quickly or we can do filled with a that we have
had plenty of other political candidates all ability oh no one ever written on one of the front
pages of a book i read a few days ago i feel for it the the the where that war the national broadcasting company in
cooperation with the counsel on both in wartime bring to another it’d series of radio
adaptations of great books of this war each week at this time we bring you
selected dramatic episodes from some of the most during of our warren fired
literature tonight story might be a borrows damaging to drop her uh… catherine herridge ongoing other
pine cones adaptable radio by edmund burned by is a glorious ya nevada glorious british
vessels and amenable under all yet as you read it to be a reading back authentic gripping issue on i read it and i was excited i hope you will be too it or didn’t get through although might all the convoy that ticket and our own eighty-five like bruder than
a dozen destroyer to get it it them at all the market spoken the starboard bow three one nine market smoke in this topic brower relying on it from and what of the non-profit will in
the quote that not so ordinary damon harold windy whose idea happiness with a full belly
and nothing particular to do bank too many hours of practice
wednesday was able to watch the whole rise and fall or to the beam without allowing any others automatic
movement breaking who was in her book you were thinking all this for a few
points back in the almost unbelievably distant days of nineteen thirty nine you’ve been up in the quote net them to
be remembered when is an ocular picked up a dot on the
defensive any ground under the bridge with
excitement and yes is that the government there writings proc it not army men market right what urbano gunplay cooper what on the program the there what personal betting indicator at twenty one out hot button dot or liver property remember parkway then you look good i’m pretty well radiographic noted rather protocol reverted they were not and and and and not get death party inside great parrott pretty quick approval regular require
further remember being program becomes a file without power yet that i mean i i i it been a very green hand at that time
the ordinary demon harold winding develop above all over again that the
remember that now i looked at them away at the horizon and look again with his hand on the
bottom of the void offered market smoke in the bobbitt trial the one time market smoke in the top of our green one nine portland rain for the exam apartment went on the bridge captain thought the officer navigating lieutenant an officer of the lot and keep the
almond they’ve got their unprotected even from
the weather nothing over there had been left control
the high around them on a that inflating the people of the
team when the ship with taking green water
over the phone goodbye anywhere on that bridge then deputy strike anywhere in the old
ship for the playing of which he was
interrupted with partly that unpaid even a machine gun bullet that
penetrated into the wrong way bishop wasn’t paid him armed with a
pledge market reports wolverine the one nine
that particular video but did know that the blanket would have been replying to it secretary
came out that that lieutenant named turning on and giving the auto to
achieve gilman so rework balkan quietly lindo like that were in
the honorable miles an important hiring the new york mom and a lot of your work the name however the economy of the people at the
part of all of that went wrong and with brilliant mind of the bird for both reward bore difficult but there are many you would
be better simply uh… barbara or on parole and not have uh… winona on even with our own eyes to the moral
because it turned end over end in august september police possible role so rebel wherewithal to do with move around a
mover the bowling being fair on the fourth quarter quality
harmful but that won’t work and you salvation of
war moodle neoadjuvant branded grab them every gun mounting ammunition a convoy got to get through and redwood written virulent form and rectal improvement maybe that will not that could be moved the eleven-day ect
dot at the back of that but determined the big no from baghdad before that
divided dene k would be carried out under the
deck advances with moderate window bethany animator
lewis the captain had forty in the back or already open on it he he was a
typewritten or that was laid down what he choose to do being in bigger builds up but then do i don’t know but if it is there one already in gone why would i be doing a wheel the
bought on the board no included wood burning more gently and
reading being and the divided in the event remote
doubling around it was a beautiful geometrical move bed and beckett that another but no random event of a
black kid it’s watered waiting for a knowledge
mint and then went down public advocate oblivion aldridge right pondering what completed sailed from
glendale off him at the problems that they didn’t do
anything verde yell the message to the cap takes a big hit thanks destroyer
deleting kept upright bass coded might be any call them although that might cause a captivated
the queen of montana quimby could see them now the enemy
ships would be insight from the bridge in about the light of the range take uh… began
it trying jawaharlal crying throughout pa
fractured batao in exactly four minute the enemy shot up suddenly over the
curve of the world climbing over it with a punishing b broadbent david that event but it but i’m not all bb evident in the body covered not visibility with adequate the enemy
shipmate hardtop silhouettes against the blue and gray background they meant the double feminine
winningham you know himself to be a power but some time ago he made up of mine to
be a powerful acting and nothing ni man-hours rather nepalese studying the
picture and profile up to him study carried out in a mood of
desperation despair really had a photographic memory within
a balloon to recall that they pages on which he had been or provide even the very pretty neat leading chips on t_v_ crews and goes on
with uh… nine thousand tons eighteen-inch done thirty-two not show off the nose remark three quarters of the environment i don’t know what the post on those
uh… if you’d like nothing we’ve been told about i suppose you the new one but don’t an
intelligent people didn’t get local delight idea expert dr i think i am out of five hundred dot it may vote the
debt all in one man ever read all of the bank
the captain are an only a few great love and god about the budget out of that particular
moment it was followed by another that they’ve
been from some of the better feeling of inferiority feed joining him could spot ships about
other knit cap it did not mean it was back to the
captain left admired him it would have admired and even more
addicted to read the captain who won for his money and uh… because of the best determined pair right that was very good movie there working near reliving litigate injured nearly on reno probably of blood in the moment politics is written produced here
wouldn’t be uh… they know the superiors then undoubtedly been informed about the with
him possibilities reunite therefore strong
before more heavy cruisers perhaps bradford what should be wary reinforcement too heavy cruisers and for ron go by
blood they know that business program for poor
poor recruits from from his job if we knew of would run like uh… but the conroy brawl that more control we have a government report red at one three one oh i was the enemy open file perot right vin might be what one of my own live a
column of water and rona by meeting here on date of your represented the paint yellow meaning it to the high explosive hai and it’s really a charming fight against
crime they’re beautiful to watch as long as
they may have and these powerful alden motivating in
the world has been committed going up a gunnery control implement union non
union not lined up for doctors they should be while the british blanket leading round
the enemy that was the way to deal with them if
they won’t come out and fight bill and aunt like that bryankrohn seven alp ninety-one double double l it was leading payment offer lightfoot
job to take ranges quickly but with his personal contribution to
the perfect fighting holes which was the ship and he did what he was opposed to do
without distractions on a_b_c_ does not mean i love you guys did it and then i
want to share twenty one seconds ago it’s been a
budget of the done that with you with plenty of rain binder and already
offered lightfoot it but document during our twenty one second though they
themselves have been partly for the exam apartment hurtling through the air to
speed up more than a mile into sex prep father break private not by itself canada the car the we water hearings villain reminder water and then there is no other brought
by the with our by dot but okay ninety one nine dot the that was then that they meant that that
would ban indian ending and but at that and ship right away andy gravely noted the time of on the
pathway made of a captain report lemonade withdrew one of the bride overrunning the women noted campaign money made a good trip vigorous away from the front lines than at the end of a job but i don’t think through newsroom but the bigger than crew that they are
program and i’ve been trying to me that into
account but that didn’t review and preview we’re staying between
the archives in the front line may have been anything but never promote
uh… writing about that point that with frantically searching about and as
mine but some contribution to make the conversation other than yet roanoke wanting to appear bright ninety coming yet either leaving time valuable asset they have in this
wondering if the promise of big made waterproofing
because i think what he would be used to be the best beheaded that is the quality of the day he may not going to bed although maybe some reason against it if
you don’t know about transducer that along the beach never heard from him then the next prominent they could be
given to the order bubble of the ordinary demand level was
not finding it difficult battle for the quote frequently whip it up there with
you for shopping at the opera dot but then again he knows what he’s up for me gaining and take that wordlet noone quite a bit of a who
appear bright that with an update of the captain
character would you’d never think of all this various gentlemen with smiling
common sense and his inside inn preparing when we’re both the volvo from wendy and anything in the front of that i need
a break shit give my regards to the admiral when you
get to commission you have a lot and i do it five minutes later there was no kidding
around wanted much landed on the board bala beyond the
immediate attention red three nights not in once noted above or aren’t they mail order via email this posting time then well read three nine write-in did you think i to abandon ship
cinematic road at admitted to the bottom out there and that the other side
dissected and i left i dot com the behavior of the few company with most affected another paper the captain’s ripple about one minute an anonymous tip he
what was going on in the captain’s opinion before the news
with danger they’ve got to tell the kids about the situation like that denim mine would be what he’s done in
other words brady and eleven didn’t have time to assemble and he but on the other hand he didn’t have
time in those few seconds of the film self-conscious nodded weakness time to reassert itself ongoing maintenance for the shape of the
cancer the body of a bit about the lot bigger
hanging on the balkans which don and pipe part of the call audible in every part
of the ship it all geo it all k that it did but that it might not six mo three minutes of smoke mena more bank a
mile-and-a-half along fought the white bunny and they watch
what they are all along that line plate of the captain’s reborn i found the smoke screen the pics creamy affected but smoke bank allowing for spread would be a quarter of a mile pic the cabinets all the complex
mathematical problem in his head he turned to the boy you’ve decided
steppin better over the dot com and that is the star but known it would take a few minutes in ten
seconds approximately to go through the smoke providing i’ve died about that but we
found out but i just want to pull up but i know
that i grew up in the debate opened fire when your that’d of that bygones then it’s like the start of what about
that exp the deadbeat dad dot megan’s law and they ought i went down through five
deck dot the body of the armed with in the
boiler room now the autumn it was heading squarely
into the more solidly awaited dog one moment they are out in that they
have found john and the next they were in reading orly
dot thought about that exhibit about it if it’s both hot report it about it then bit better than that without them big second then autopilot echoed not long ago now and hope with dot that they could ever extremely good the captain christina navigating the
kind of training now and italians could just about either
shadowy great form of the automobile merging from a small but that didn’t pan
out the most beautiful in the sunshine swung around a turner broadcaster on the
colossal for long before the automobile marie however they don’t know if an effective in order all those low this took only fifteen seconds to
accomplish therefore one broadside to the fact that
in the last gun ready lamp came on it needed only one word the fourth
quarter of a ton of steel and higher explosive someone just moving at thirty one not to
another ship moving it by the not nine miles away about all data all one of the the dealt celebrate their one mother
moderated by the repeating once bill on point about that every ten seconds ago and already loaded
in every ten seconds shelled world out of them the warren perfect broad
virtually penicillin native firing back straight at automobile miller bright blessed all down the line
and bien avec wanted a convulsion black one of the cotton gradually done
major duo a whole none of the men on duty apparently but i can’t buy me with your is peter
that the debt begin with a falling out of every
brought tightened shaken by the down the captain given over to the navigating
lieutenant and soon h_m_s_ automobiles and friend abruptly
away from the enemy and back into the comforting smoke dot captain better than dot com would you be opening but again relented autumn it was already dealing or on
welfare bandwagon but bailing out our enemies
one one minute everyman it hit me with a better and in america now that it would
be a candle black that done huh i’ll clarify dupont it you again for the item nine hindrance in progress the captain eleven
oh nine cannot deliver by midnight and biji the enemy felt a little creeping closer
really time to retire a mile away another british ship h_m_s_ you’re ahead emerge from the
smokescreen getting fire from all our current with the route of the screen and the other cruises beginning to show
beyond uh… with rodham as the withdrawal and leave the italian so that
we repent of getting the range on these new witnesses card talked abt and automat bonds backed into the bird but bob a the delaware right on another point in
time amount within the government of mobile
bun that ya’ll it within a day delicate food and what
he did not a lot of all the waterline independent they determined the bird
wing in red hot magma beyond than with a bright man in the way moving toward the extent i bore the brunt the officer
additional rain in the all the p lab fee one minute there where i live in the
neck him again one moment they’ll amend and then the
celebrex platt amendment than they were the petty officer in charge of the lobby
on the other divide them only by a they died by fire but it was a quick kid sometimes that pretty badly apparently for that he could get it on doubt then picked up a firing literally
all poured onto the white hot i mean at that moment dealt with by a permit them about
protecting the paperwork for all of the whole bit they have the world men and women in nigeria what type of
flu bug would be really impacted danielle upon
their lives that i think animals unpopular siberian
nomads picking up get living on the pros and cons rhodesia bottling babies in the corn fields of
iowa and their children children we’re all in years become more something
there that you know of the four shells fired in that valve
all three of them there before itself from the left hand gun in
paraguay acceptance reply thread the in america underwear and the action terminated old hide but you know having done any of the
program aid when it hit the italian magic battleship
main ya know but the dual italian german command of
pain pappas and birthday elmo onboard aka and
peek at ronald dot barack obama militant teeny were hesitating about what to do
with up at the little british here and they were arguing politely calling
on point of strategy although they were suspicious of one
another well you know how it is with the
italians and the german the main thing is that when that
historical sixteen shells brought forth on their be tod lindberg began welding
steel it became the deciding factor that put
down that gail and weighed about one point one want to go down not
campaigning overpaid in mind the intimate renderer and the akron permanently felker roberta but given unbelievable job you don’t pick and
choose what you think he’s thank you graduation thank you kevin there was only the fate of gold at the
end of the fire that raged minute before and a few more minutes with the whole
but it’s been pretty women the ship emerged into the fading done board is now beginning to grow dark handicap in public and diverted rolling
like what part of a twinkle of light ahead and then he was able to relax and even
smile a little too himself in the twilight well that would be evening dog shining hour over the mediterranean our end up in here second-degree of edited forewarn the yet the captain now under the that now inwardly only or another it now for the windows in the library a
lot of or along you know who i mean i wanna
know who at and not for months and years to come and even when it does then the freedom which the struggle with and
can only be secured naive and moving to them eternal probity eternal goodwill or an eternal on his funeral rattling around in a lauria available room and i’m not moral when where and when we were all around
blind welcome the win that prime come and i
will fight for the last died in the last date but what i will compromise in with my
kids with the blind north he and andrew and just but heard yeah the and you ever had the seven program of words
that war that there is based on the great books
of this war this evening we presented this year by fear for was written by edmund blair and bryan of
the n_b_c_’s but next week julia roberts and john book from the land of frightened people they now later tonight was played by
alan bond out jamieson what the captain other members of the cap where victor be
cropped that cassell humphrey davis john mack of affair purely oliver and alpha chip the original music was written then
conducted by frank black the production was under the direction
of georgia floating wound but it program have been prevented in
cooperation with the problem and what was in wartime that the national
broadcasting company and the independent radio thing in the located living in the
evening that one well when we when we are deliver national broadcast income where does that warrant presents
robertson johns from the land of silent people that is the foundational emblems simon
yugoslavia until the nazis that is the screen of the yugoslav woman
companies for their pain his mental just remember something that happened on
bloody that’s the bomb that killed her husband would you like the one on their house
and so i’m running across the square disobeying the shot with orders of the
soldiers in the police the site of a man being blown to pieces the horrible thing to remember nor the national broadcasting company in
cooperation with the council ample spend more time presents the sixth in the series word
that war tonight offering a radio adaptation of
roberts and john grateful from the land of silent people and all it is our pleasure to present in
person mister robertson job script writer neil hopkins has prepared
a dramatic impression of my book which it does not pretend to portray
everything that i’ve written needed as a pretend to portray the whole which today
surges through those occupied countries of europe as italy teachers and
deliverance becomes more than a vague hope for the distant future and since i don’t pretend to be an actor
john mclaughlin mclaughlin will play my part more into silent people is my report on
some nations in some people who are for the moment silent i’m a reporter and i happen one select your platform the chairman of
the meeting is said to me now i’ve just one word of advice before you speak with
the same john that please remember that she was
speaking are dividend or a make your remarks pleasant don’t make morrison tube tenable we don’t want to disturb that it’s just
you know i did not make pleasant remarks in that
lecture i told them as we should tell you
tonight something of what i saw and burdens smelled in just a bit of what i
thought few weeks of this war sts three john one one nine two eight down
right direct yugoslavia tonight has more than a
million soldiers massed on the front is in preparation for war following a day
of and also see the press saint john’s one one nine two eight
belgrade direct level i was interrupting me senses that this is president of the
center operator i got a rubber stamp on it events get the first paragraph of the
other day like it let’s start with a second reading for twelve hours a day at the end the
crab hopeless hopeless these last days of march in the
first days of april nineteen forty one hopeless trying to get the dispatch of
belgrade some of its the commander of the air
force has taken over he saw the government the saudi was
later hitler and mussolini some of it is playing a dangerous game
he knows it but he’ll fight fight against the necklace of steel
around yugoslavia’s neck italian troops on the northwest italian
troops in albania nazi troops nazi planes that seat tanks
lined up along the romanian bulgarian and hunger in front is in belgrade the people cheering saying
he was on a national anthem the will to fight nazi tyranny is alive
and singing in yugoslavia is april of nineteen forty one that means if i did not been found
wanting and over some of its reforms the
government stall for time orders the german ligation delete yugoslavia presents csr tell me do whatever i have a representatives
armando abroad there uh… citizens everybody credit and what is anything like that in a that’s upside down but the best legal com refuse dont overnight a warning approach to command food don’t move become and the way so misses it trip up the hungarian press
representative introduce me to sonia few minutes ago hotel dining room minimal football and our home echoed terrified the front line equal vacancies so sonya is the world travel university
graduate who is an important government position he knows just about everything i right now she knows fear annabel grab
blackout biologist a violin drowns out and there’s nothing new here david just a reversal i think it should be concerned illicit event planning she confided giant let me read the and that’s right here well i’m gonna do i’m getting less on the ground following
some of it into the hills of south surveyor or with the government will be fairly
safe you know that some communications wound up on your life statement at you height caves a_t_m_ dot really behind i contacted by three bands dismissed attention patently known but might be correct speak don’t event make eight abit just let me go
right on you have to expect to be treated like a
man because going ron again if u n_b_a_’s and no one mine and listen thing i dont alex actions when for packets to find something lease it’s a deal could be sticking around jubilant exactly pakistani you can go out and have been going on desk dollars now into he fish it sandals hand-drawn next week that clean fresh air may smell
of gunpowder and burning building burning people it must not be what and i can window under to take a nap you’ll when
you leave at act you must i thought might end up on the
montel and speaking of telephone by mistake you
won’t get back to my rooms upstairs i’m expecting a call from switzerland press ministry on net single you contract and then on the planet came back sir financing but i a m eight people in black weight legislative and so what do you have a
plan a lot of them picture um… where women by jenn i got a bad i don’t have any straight protection cap project practice k uh… huh this is a resurrection dept witnesses palm sunday april sixth
nineteen forty one without running it was lovely does not matter was a slaughter i don’t remember exactly how many of the
american correspondents radio men are in and around the hotel is on the morning and several of us coming and going on
one mission another remember leave like remember russellville of the new york
herald tribune and i remember a block of the new york times our thoughts restaurants and even a little job
opening and there they are reporting that the bombers two miles of
incoming oversized banjo hotel lobby non-standard like she just staring at
each other’s big banner like sheep waiting for the slaughter there’s no dug out the seller but we are
going to be declared independence in a more ever came the bombers are here nobody had time to
make any different sc river rock tonight announced that the
symphony began company stronger personal involvement fall and have a lot
of policemen robert moving forward bombers diving
bombs falling bombs bursting antiaircraft guns compound and machine
guns buildings cracking buildings falling somewhere under all must be a screen the
defenseless dead and dying men and women and children but these are the little boys as an
assembly of slaughter not lawyers but a lot of the peace metal people let me speak for them let me talk about all of us one moment no claim as does the resurrection and that does this palm sunday the death of a
city that part of the silent people disciple of sex and i think for a while
missus beltrand in yugoslavia this is a sampling of slaughter bloody sunday churchgoing missions course church bell grown god side was general smarts in south africa seven
brenda restive carter’s magazine will in my book because god’s on our side devises that excuse me join don’t mean
to be sacrilegious but how many planes is gone ahead replays yugoslavia have a relentlessly probably write the radio
commentator begins with us on the other press correspondent we make plans the day before we started for sarajevo
our way to escape in the sea russell helicopter yugoslavs soldier he speak a little english i think he was
a dispatch right and we’re not telling you can’t win just tell you what you have to pay some
amount in order to start to move in recent mansion is not so say john records of the
yugoslav that liking me will continue fighting to be in for
freedom recovery in stacks thanks what i think eugene dennis you’re speaking with you know what tanks
are what that pain tanks are steel borders as rolling on
tracks they lay down themselves insider manon gun big gun things are gonna fight anuja was going
to be to stop only going to do it well why do i have dates arrival michael baldwin make a dent in the tank you sure garment tanks pagar word for soldier there man inside
the tank bennett is easy if there are many inside they have got to come out some time now inactivate yet so non-union yes well then we wait until the man come out of the bank when they come out we should then there was a symbol of that heroes on on my blog list of shattered this is a common army some of it is
planning to go against the nazis log of yugoslavia tomahawks against rivals rivalry of
machine-gunned machine guns against planes this is worse than any of them rivals against tanks wires but not the worst over the ox cart army we passed on the
road believe it’s been very able not a large international oxen odds are
not sending them out in bowling cox blocks a lot of the military supplies
and religions and soldiers when we come in it was ties and we have nothing to do
recounted one thousand five hundred ox carts we counted three thousand had a
box and pulling me out start this is time marching backward replied
and that the military machine marching forward sonya’s with us from sarajevo to the
scene sonya four zero aircraft that were on
the ground and get paid the dot she doesn’t know blame it on hunting
around or rather two days of the american is there a man who promised to
help herndon business remarks about mom machine guns
and and landlord or about notre and inviting minimum calling on one drains unimportant returning slowly homeless man leona and hence let me know all i can remember
to say is how much a champagne mishaps they could be something starts then you
decided me i did it pero i won’t give their children start
shopping resolution sonya private entrance to the money into the
pit a certain segment placed under a certain special grand leaving thinking when you get hit
mcveigh for the mom regulated as a matter which state of qatar you haven’t
heard that this is on an action the babies the and and and and and and lancs ac had not st patty mitchell’s
content non-veg or sending out the unless will set of gasoline and all of that hancock can’t see you here we had a list of things that the
earth’s nevertheless acted if the leaders of
gardening please brain relying on you sixteenths don’t loads of leaving miami at one time he
and his only by the names of the company v_f_w_ that is privileged all the other thing is when these kids
the act the my hand in hand like confident and cannot live in the
evening again oh gee to your medical bills with
them since got cannot justify what and so i must
depend put your life tragic amram and that’s a lot of rejected worked and sent them a chance
t_-thirty right i thank you little things like that tony in action from sarajevo to the
scene and then it would violate most of the
adriatic me russell hill and i haven’t talked u_n_ historic roughly one on all the laws of micah bunker now i’m a black man means you just a twenty-foot serbian
boat you just go once on the road fort
engines salem for origin waldman knowing that teria women their e-mail
list the surgeon remains cave united press lee wai you in love with sonya bob didn’t talk nonsense of course not whom i could not have nothing on the
rule book bob limited get away with the door hundreds
of miles only really none the coast of yugoslavia albania doing it for greek mainland somewhere or regarding corfu i’m part of that time will be snug
between the little in albania no who moans he’s going to number grew moved no who we’ll get the government and maybe it’ll
be a lot of river hermana your eyes phone you can go with us but it was funny little man with a lot
of bridges and only spent my mind pictures of dead bodies in the square
and the rebel mangled bodies in sarajevo when the bombs came in rather be with the people in bilbao
waiting for the bombs to come one of the clearest pictures what was
the picture of sonya news on his standing in the middle of a
role newman foothills and they’ll mention
moms waving a red hand you can song is saying he finest thank you non and why view ma’am as some suffering on a boat that covers in wrigley instantly banana boat selected on the than it was
all over again despite the long black man in a little or nothing about
sailing assailing his votes all these words are receiving a living alone we sale by the size which is a kind of
simple astronomy then all of the size when about the heavens as they are
planned that a little sale breadwinner puke and
the reason that we have some reasons we have forty pounds of smoke and
understand this is wrong and not go just small around roost on run through minefields week while bitterly among ourselves five reporters unable to report five hungry angry man i’m still ahead hospitals i’ll just all carpool wherever maps royal russell hill is a
very precise amount readers as happened that’s right place knows of a freelance miserable just
beyond fit that clancy today adults is the
place is about a fresh start knowledge have all the best i can read we’ve been
using that talks back in place as it is ok as little cat is at least
past is special place all the waldorf astoria at times in honor of peace and quiet sizes all
they are you still have a great calling about harbury’s swine at why dont we may get
that straight leg of the head of order and discipline and common sense and
cables we can get a startup thought now would be required again we can tell the story about a soviet dot
blot webmail what happened non-native where the american flag japan korea has gone down i can see what you are would get out of the book his big excellent english i went to school in chicago audio robertson john associated press these men melamine it can wait this invasion in on this date you don’t understand why i’m outlining
the israeli army table right next to reexamine lederman sprays a friendly
country go credentials would be seven later hyderabad which come under the miles down the line
intelligence installments integrate and manage great now the greeted with rival were
reportedly waterway cartels are yugoslavia yugoslavia under the silence
deleted oversight hearing this the same time it about as like the same same symphony of slaughter bombers moving forward bombers diving
bomb maximising non-degree mainland somehow on a true
friend address that problem maximising under very special job
training on the very exited double-blind berry berry berry st dot down there one of a spot for a plain old machine
guns into a train and a wonderful spot the strange thing you couldn’t hear the screams of the
dead and dying men because of the screams of the dead and
dying man you couldn’t hear the sound of the plan
because of the some of the plane some machine-gun because of the sound
machine estimates quietly the symphony of slaughter the white was badly hit and i got a
screening of stealing my laying low resign because nobody could lead to an
x_-ray man’s house in august august a little greek town a half an hour
together with the plane from all over again panicky people so that they have taken leave one asset we’re not going all right which we never had all sidewalk labeled it part of the rest one elected not only stomach he screamed out appetite haha date fix policing dot i want one ones on the having his blog dhiraj stalled what i
want to he’ll say he got that adding had rather word that evidence or dead one now this is marina wall ladies and gentlemen maitri reintroduce impression the
distinguished author of the book from the land of silent people mister roberts and john might call them the silent people
because as i fled from europe i knew that the vast majority of those
people would be silent for a few years as they suffered and starved under nazi
domination waiting for the light but not completely silent bands of
guerrillas in both yugoslavia and in greece for more than two years now have
been harassing the enemy and tonight i can imagine the new hope which surges
through the breast of those occupied millions by know how they get their news
over there over hidden clandestine radio receivers by whispered word of mouth the
news of the tommy’s in the dole boys between the axis out of africa but the
tommy’s middle boys at landed in sicily the rule has been bombed with the
russians are closing in on or yell than a thousand planes the raised and essen
germany but mostly who ordered that barbers attack on greece has been
getting from his balcony they know but every one of those events
brings the armies of the united nations that much closer to their frontiers
brings victory and deliverance that much closer to realization yes hope does surge up in the weary
breasts of those silent people someday soon will be silent no more as the six program of words a forum we have presented a radio interpretation
of the book from the land of side and people ryan robertson gap it was adapted for radio by neil hopkins
one of the n_b_c_ scripts that which isn’t john was played by john
mclaughlin on the members of the past included
leasehold properties joseph the sentence richard p sam wannamaker peteka fam bautista this can john great and gilbert mac the original music was composed by
morris memo skin and conducted by joseph’s talkback the production was under the direction
of joseph glossy next week lawyer that were present at
the soul of drum prisoner of the jet lag when do david i witness accounts i was a
bad word on the ball of hong kong words eduard is brought to you in
cooperation with the council on books in water and by the national broadcasting
company and the independent radio stations
associated with the in the field words as well presenting when do you should prisoner
of the japs credits hong kong anyway and calm right trainer and trainer chinese when though it’s a british
colony one of the most powerful of though
serbian sts the into that you have not heard object and fifty east asia called prosperity shia walking for we
don’t need it but it left there increasingly it removes fortress contract yes concubine in this time doing it words that war tonight the national broadcasting
company in cooperation with the council on books in wartime brings you another
in a series of radio adaptations of important books of this war each week selected episodes are
dramatize from some of the most stirring of our war inspired literature tonight’s we hear the story of an
american newspaper woman who happen to be in hong kong on the day the japanese
attack the book is prisoner of the japs the author is when do you monday december eighth nineteen forty
one mr in my last day in hong kong i plan to take a plane that evening from
the airport the japanese snacks i didn’t want to leave hong kong something was going to happen and that’s
why i’ve come in the first place as correspondent for the detroit news
and newsweek magazine but that monday i was going to leave no one left only those who died the pentagon most deadly attack the city was squeezed i could not in the
jaws of the nutcracker tuna salad and indeed it had one ext rejected yet seventeen days detected
that your brother at least me management and must maintain i was there along with two hundred of
the british and american in a small garrison soldiers return to haiti center can seize on an
unwillingness to second-guess after i get this one xd the ideal that one names on miss i know you i recognized her voice i hope
you’ve gotten what difference would one lawmaker by asking what different style
you tell them until we keep on coming passing tian just seen couldn’t handle wasn’t done tonight got it thanks ms at taste good you women have been slopes meeting this
coming up the mess is feeding us desensitize i feel as if i was ninety years old twenty three are used to wonder how i feel killed a man i’ve been in the volunteer corps here a
couple of years but i’ve always been fighting but well that i’d be scared to kill someone if i could personally kill every
japanese on this island i’d be happy day after day night after night night you couldn’t see there was only got tired and terror peace talks playing i’d like to come
here not met la jolla things would happen in the morning of the students the
blackout curtains and linen closet now definitions morning on the scene here is not in my lifetime popularly about the tensions that we have is in
stock dropped out of this error torrenthound cases steiner st dad sinister here management pager and like everything else today in history japanese artists rejected stretching it a steps as i said train information and major parts of these measures to study i’m a reporter white american newspaper you want to
take opera house i’d like to possibly come up with an
update freshpatents yet also on my right ashok
on my taxes sarnoff yet maybe they cannot photograph uh… remember peace and kinda is small of the japanese military computer sunday you and i can about the brand new
artisanal yes counter major boxer we have come with a pop up piece from the japanese government as you see where the
grants to the governor general perhaps you should have that math on the
air from congo in but what’s all that kind of hamburg has
been destroyed the american maybe has been south yes as you send word to the governor
general immediately i we had circulated stenosis them marcia and uh… indeed mary surrender you shouldn’t have gone too far
instructing them to change your mind the what should be resumed we do not hear from your government this is causing com asano afzal measure boxer you will for the young man to with
contract and for our truck then if we have had no more from you the one with god great past him now page see major stuart if that was not to go around those
checks wring our hands you could you know you could ride on them refuge in for a car restrooms afternoon will begin again and continued through the pics night through the sixth day the seventy eight
and nine th that paycheck that day another night terror wariness despair yeah i mean isn’t getting low stillwater
going for was jimmy uterine obvious lied to me a favor of course consider
jimmy hannon piece of paper some of his addresses on it will you try to get a message to a
sometime soon on the books that first mission is to
wait until soldiers on the internet we’re going to try to call the four
stanley along with the civilians hotel the
morning recent yes then maybe they just want to everyone that we would surrender british flag was coming down the white flag of surrender was going up we missed out of the bloodstain pattern
of the rising sun are into the hotel were filled with
people trying to sleep and in the title it i went into crowded room i shared with a
number of other people somehow i missed it out do and vista dot hi ever dictate jacks permanently walked apne but thankfully
dropping it off killed healed women in business pardon can’t be sure mister didn’t get truthfulness in me jets and then in a serious it you know they considered particularly danticat
almost something that didn’t like it when we reach the city the got time even
sit down together and rest after carrying forty five pounds of
camera equipment all day i was pretty good arrest good evening we ended up in a visited
paint factory no furniture no plumbing s three mt flaws and one can go to each floor were packed in like paid to the
stockyards so close we could hardly sit down two hundred frightened homeless people mike people everywhere we took out of
here in the wing little sumin weeping i woud took mine on him who he loves it when we come and they have might have come from the role of
privatization unit and if you take it out in quiet which are not particularly
thuc is crap everything i got it expired yet kitchen after all the tests i look at me and now we all week got to keep our chins up let’s try to think
about something else spaces and somebody said travel perhaps
old christmas tao you mean extract because somebody who knows it only the town of bethlehem call electron as the name well i’m a newspaper i mean
i was definitely not at all that was my job most of the people in the realm and you
know but the jackson thrown in a few strain is with us one of these annette sitting right
beside me right now america’s messenger uh… see much of the fighting ahluwalia acting stevens half it was the day before yesterday barely in the morning hundreds of wounded british and canadian
soldiers some of them even lying on the phone and then that’s asking killed doctor britton doctor black tour attached are the bandages off the
wounded knee pennebaker well fine and they took us annexes one-by-one we were there all day online you lot applaud what happened to me destinations unamerican so they’ll know what our enemies alike nothing to sleep on nothing that rise in one of the week light goes on then at last the entire time colony
three thousand five hundred british dutch and americans were all headed
together and mold to allow delhi hotel the column and other chinese brothels you outbid at object back and a m brings back online real big parties but cutting tool military iraq reluctant eight at ten room men and
women began one that was around trying to sleep community can contradict him standing
beside me people who knew the japanese have one
mean evidence showing here and then what happened and i just made on the porn tended to be
in school nine-tenths something cologne and shown and that was abandoned it moving slowly across mentor from montana multitasking cameraman ltd innocent democrats didn’t we bones i’m leon harris county and held a book in each has a lot of the god of standing over me grinning at him record you know n_b_c_ appetite allisonbrinkman when you see the rain at not from the sea the hybrid like you to come compete and very busy offering a range in a few
days for you to come to the freemen standoff of approver an invitation to deal with the jailer well i should my guy was hungry dot that was a reporter they came so we got on the walk to the counter
terrible timing i may be and i was taken to his sweet a room with change to sit in review i have another sandwich with you and had eleven already then have a piece
of pastry another sentence first now have a piece
of pastry now can’t meet miss u you are probably wondering why i invited
you here today uh… you know well yes i was concerned it is very simple i admire courage i was very much impressed i think when
you took off for the rest you did not show i thought sometime i would see this
american newspaper woman removed top they are giving me an interview cantata pack and hot too mathematician back to you if this is an interview he has a
question can help to gain by this for even if she
won most of the navy would be ghana buildings destroyed himself in the meantime jack and i have taken
hoses on the million-man than men and it’s rather which north country needs sold it’s calm the our families india and so
on and what about your name and even if you can be deadly you and i comes to strike back islamic entire committee we it would add
a die-hard japan some of the battlefields white boxes of ashes are sent home for
the and hearing don’t forget missed recap anything up think of this walk in the times out this
year on next week inc of the future history rule no how one like grace act and that i think the
the romans the fans have reserved and then the time they pass beyond to these right the future youngster parts suing hold landlady speaking jackie interpretable already one container haha
cap and he’s already the second artist and time and the american people are spread
quickly this time after it happened their mother gunpowder unproven unconfirmed i think
if you can striking mind i’m vested interest in the white house talking
peace sign thank you that is the way it had to be done youth kathleen a wire in only winery he started and we before he destroys you and this team we leave europe too for the rest of the world adding masters announced to you musty classic cos of my kindness i ask you to accept he stopped him psi took began like sodium issue you want to leave it
to you we just keep seeing the going to be a
warning you wanted to see the million-dollar india didn’t sergeant the loan went up for life it just didn’t think of them can compare nine cristiano tee-shirts she’s your hands supply
missed u whom we’ll be all right from the hotel were taken to a margin
ten k it was crowded and feel free and we still have the same starvation
diet we set up a sort of primitive
housekeeping everyone had duties cooking washing
sanitation by now we’ve been president six months there was one thing that kept us from
the stand we have room as ability exchange of
prisoners so many americans the so many jets no one knew who the lucky ones would it
be the wheel made plans and in the meeting hall someone and on a
map of the pacific on the wall without probable ruled home week you working on homesick we try to keep a constant in the british but those in using
character brigadier general maurice abraham con bodyguard about kissing its
end dalkon was a blockade on and irrelevant
and not present knows that that is not to get to the pod well here the it dispatched except this partisan tribute tonight
show but not and i must admit it so they might do
black with this crisis in water diet well i figured no as the graceful does
it ain’t trip you know says that reverend here parliamentarians and senate it’s just one it’s fifty old something like gilman and wall that an estate jobs i guess
there’s expecting take kids excited about the key without
issue you know it’s not right now my respect witness either hate me bedam gay pride i’m trying to find a lawyer hysterical right yet is predicted to slide last but not least is not at this
example right mister cochran it’s safe to say edit mister didn’t get to spend his days
picking up livestock out of the right where our big it it’s not asian by this
time so ladies and gentlemen i’d give you let’s not part of something challenger did you mean dad all unopened delta now init contact me ongoing and i think campaign i think that it crashed point good evening i see good evening e apache damn record for them unite but not good for you among prisoners and teach him to jam that’s for you excuse please antique do we know i throw out weeds spouse bc company uh… and have you with our government make extinct prisoner
howard domenica and kent avenue diplomats and might have row frequently later yulia more that is all now i got the teeth throwing on long that’s just in that of the pacific we heard there was a
chance of are going home who murders figuring on the roof relief kaplan when you’re a map when you see and we didn’t think we’d stop in japan so we didn’t bother putting it on people proctor giving counsel actually at that time first-graders without these stand nothing out you’ve got time remember that when you go home on your map and if you are at if you whatever saipan faith in fate teach well we can do anything you know we were
going home and at last the exchange was made in the
rescue ship sent out yet some of morrow from yokohama to meet
the press home from new york at the same amount of starvation and
talked to we’ll actually setting the wrote we had faced off and on that com com saigon casting upon the indian ocean
applicant house docket everyday one of the hot we start at the
time waiting for us the brain like constant protection
fanning out fast an advanced and got two meetings with the content
without noticing that i don’t know if the despite as times arresting exactly
true time from an dash amok beautiful
saigonnet intact and this does is try to died co hahaha we present in person they offer of
prisoner the japs when do someone else came home paying fifty thousand allied soldiers
and civilians are still prisoners of the deaths tonight we have tried to tell you what
that means we’ll first ourselves to speak of those
days so that you may understand japan just a ten million square miles of
territory we’d have one bag two hundred square mile perhaps if you can remember what we have
said tonight will help us to group christ japan’s new empire before the friends we had to leave had done prisoners you have heard the seventh program of
words that war series based on the leading more books this evening we presented prisoners of the japs by when do you the adaptation was by nora stoning of
the n_b_c_ scripts that next week you’ll hear a dramatization of
love at first flight we had our is booked by charles spalding
and oldest connie the part of wendy was played by john
alexander colonel talk about was played by ten
thousand one other members of the cast where lesley
woods maurice tuckman flora campbell john o’connor milking
herman and sydney castles the original music was written by morris
mccloskey and conducted by joseph stalin right the production was under the direction
of joseph losi through operation of the council on
books in wartime by the national broadcasting company and
the independent radio stations associated with the n_b_c_ network this program can be wrote from new york

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