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Today we are at the Yas Island track on 14 Feb… I will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the longest vehicle drift in the world. 11,180, we broke the record, 11.1 Kilometers almost double the old world record. Our names are now in the Guinness Book of World Records.

100 thoughts on “World’s Longest Vehicle Drift – Abdo Feghali 2013

  1. This record was beating by Johan Schwartz in May 11th in Greenville, South Carolina driving a BMW M5. 51 miles!

  2. he's the current world record holder because nobody with half a brain would go in circles for that freakin long. drifting is about style not doing the worlds largest donuts……

  3. Seriously, that's a record? I mean, cool and everything, good for him and Red Bull, but it's… JUST… a constant drift. Around a constant radius circle (which is obviously what a circle is). Throw some rock hard meats on the back of anything with RWD and keep going 'till they pop = record. Big deal.

  4. drifting is initiating a slide around a corner while you're still in control of your car, not while typing a comment on Youtube.

  5. Dude in this video it's a Guinness world record, not a personal world record, means when there isnt anyone representing Guinness watching the record attempt, it'll never be a Guinness world record.

  6. hey bud i wouldn't worry about all the haters as they are all a bunch of fucking losers, they just hate because they can't accomplish anything great in life, while this guy is out making world records these haters just hide behind their keyboards talking shit like a bunch of fucking pussy's because they lack lives

  7. BMW Performance Driving School instructor Johan Schwartz sets a new world record in the BMW M5 by drifting 51.278 miles — 322.5 laps, all on his home turf at the BMW Performance Center

  8. Dear John Doe, This Guy is Lebanese and Christian …. He is not muslim, just to straighten your info ! Peace

  9. He turned the wheel straight at least twice there.. As soon as ur front wheels hit straight the drift is generally not considerd as 1single drift sry red bull

  10. that "drift" was the same shape as a certain nut-shaped piece of dough that has the same name as a vehicle maneuver that drifters laugh at being called a "drift"

  11. lol i love how everyone says this is stupid and they can do it easily. if you can do it so easily then why aren't you the world record holder yet?

  12. Bunch of BS , they would have to replace those tires twice , and without stoping the car in order to count ,there is no freaking way that any tire would survived those 11k plus meters

  13. just a big donut. i want to see a drift! as in a straight, to a turn, to a straight, not a fucking circle!. probably had some lawyer find a loop hole in the drifting dictionary. longest drift means higher speeds. this is cheating.

  14. It wasn't a record until Nitro Circus did it originally heh. Except they had streetbike tommy eating doughnuts in the center, which this was lacking.

  15. just in circle?! is that all u got?! this is fuck!! and u call it drift moron…i never heard of ur name on formulaDrift…u just gave givin Vaughn Gittin a good laugh watching this crap…

  16. dork, u like him so much with what he TRY accomplished breaking DRIFT record in donut, just in DONUT? trust me ur grandma can if not better easily at par as he did. it takes more than that to earned world best title dude. have u watch Dictator movie? see how Alladin won 100m sprint? can u relate it here?? sent this abdo guy to mountain in Japan to make headline where drift sport first founded by real Drift King Keiichi Tsuchiya, if he break that figure (DRIFT please) i take back my word

  17. Wait that is not true because the worlds longest drift is 51 miles and it was done by bmw m5 just search world record longest drift

  18. its sad that a drifting record is held by such a piece of american shit car do that in a silvia or an s15 or something a real drift car not this american muscle shit

  19. In drifting. you never stop drifting until its over. If you're just going in a circle… Whats so good about it?

  20. are u fucking kidding me u stupid people , just haters !!!
    well try to do it douhces !!
    lebanese are proud of u Abdo !

  21. I wonder if Red Bull will realise that by pouring what seems to be an endless supply of money, in to winning every sort of race and record in the world that it is becoming that fat, spoiled rich kid at school that everyone hated. I just hope that Mark Webber makes some good money out of them before people also catch on that Red Bull is a small, overpriced can of red stuff that not only doesn't give you wings, but also tastes like shit, as he seems like a good bloke. 

  22. This one is just for show but still all you haters wont even get close to that.. i would love to see any of you breaking the record..just go on and search for some of his other drift videos then you will automatically shut up 🙂

  23. seems to me more of the longest donut in the world. would just like to think the longest drift in the world took more skill then just hard tires on a over powered car going around and around on a flat parking lot

  24. The longest drift would be limited to the longest curve in a road.!the record would be once and done

  25. its actually a 'long donut" which is basically a circular drift, if it was a donut the car would be redlining off the limiter boys

  26. This is stupid and doesn't take any skill , I am arabic and must be proud of him but he didn't do anything impressive my old grandma can do a longer drift -_- it's not about how ''long" drifting in a track or a specific course that what require skills like gymkhana "block 35" even though he is a showoff 😀

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