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Hi everybody, welcome to Portimão for the presentation of the Yamaha R1M 2018, a new version we did not expect. Not many modifications, but I still have quite a few interesting things to tell you. Let’s ride it now! Welcome to Portimão for the review of the Yamaha R1M. Getting out of the pitlane, let’s check if anyone is coming, clear! Scandalmongers will say that very few things change on this new R1M, but let me tell you it’s not true! The chassis indeed remains unchanged, the engine remains unchanged, but the key functions of sports-bikes are now in the software, and this one is completely new. Electronics have been entirely re-engineered, As far as power-modes are concerned, as well as traction-control, as well as wheelie-control, and also electronically-adjusted suspension, on this R1M. Well it’s rather good, we have exactly the same types of adjustments that are on the CBR, that I tested on this same track last year. That is to say, we no longer think in terms of compression and damping, but rather in terms of corner entry, braking, and re-acceleration – getting out of the corner, The Ohlins package brings it together, and everything is set up, you only have to adjust “+” or “-” There is also a handy option to get back to standard suspension, to factory set-up, and cancel the electronic adjustment. And in addition, all that works with an app that allows you to set-up everything from your couch: “for this track I want this particular set-up”, and when you reach the track the bike is all set-up! Well… here, let’s go! Serious braking! We have a much smoother electronic mode, with different power modes, a different traction-control too, a slide-control in the corners, which also evolves. There is also a new up-and-down quick-shifter, and a new anti-wheeling that works pretty well, as you can see! Thank you Yamaha, thanks for putting me back on track like this… I may not be a GP pilot, but when I ride this bike I feel like I am and that may be the most important, that the rider gets a lot fun, with confidence. Furthermore, Yamaha offers training days specifically for R1M owners: when you buy this bike you get a day of training on track, like today, some great pilots will teach you how to corner properly. “On the left, the insolent Michael Van Der Mark, 6th of the 2017 WSBK…” The brakes are starting to fade a little bit, that’s really the only flaw of this bike. Note that many competition spare parts are available, you can really assemble your own Superbike machine with the GYTR spare parts. That’s awesome! These little wheelies. It’s really reassuring. The front end inspires confidence, I only wish it had better brakes, I mean like the ones among the GYTR parts, where you can find the Brembo brake callipers. They indeed come as the standard equipment on the contenders of the R1M and I believe they should not be an option. That’s it for the on-board comments riding this R1M. Let me just remind you the price of this bike: 24,000 EUR, that’s about 2,000 less than a Panigale S, which review will also be in the next Moto Magazine. So you got it, we’ve had quite a few good surprises with this bike, we enjoyed it a lot on track, you’ll find the complete review in next Moto Magazine, along with a little surprise : we have also tested GMT’s endurance Yamaha R1. So meet us at the kiosk, or subscribe to Moto Magazine!

17 thoughts on “Yamaha YZF R1M 2018 – Essai Moto Magazine (ENGLISH SUBTITLES)

  1. Découvrez la nouvelle Yamaha R1 M, bourrée d'électronique, sur le circuit de Portimao. N'hésitez pas à commenter, liker, partager… et de mettre un pouce en l'air

  2. VdM devait freiner très fort, ou son feu stop être anormalement puissant pour être "insolant", parce que "insolant", c'est le participe présent du verbe insoler. L'adjectif, c'est insolent.

  3. Tout ça pour rouler à 80 km/h.
    Oui, oui je vous vois venir avec le discours habituel, c'est pour le circuit 😂😂😂
    Vous en connaissez beaucoup qui ont les moyens à 24000 € plus tout les autres frais pour le circuit.
    Yamaha ne vendrait pas beaucoup de motos si il ne compter que sur ces gens là.

  4. Salut. Il y a un shifter up&down mais tu ne l’utilise pas ? Pourquoi ? Et les étriers c’est uniquement sur circuit ? Pas de Durites aviations ? Mauvaises plaquettes ? Brembo Obligatoires ?

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