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12 thoughts on “You can run that on App Engine? (Google Cloud Next ’17)

  1. The best talk that I've seen in the Cloud Next videos. The speaker had good energy and convinced me to give appengine a try once again 🙂

  2. I love how everything is so "easy" according to this dude. "Oh, all you have to do is import the runtime class and do a build, set up a router and change the port you're listening on, import the files from github, declare the custom languages you're using, specify the directories each and every resource is located in, change the file permissions linux command-line style, and whalaa! Just like that, you're done!"

    Yeah, just like that. Only takes 6 months to figure out how all that finicky stuff actually works. Good grief. And he didn't cover 1/10th of what he actually had to do to show a picture of fruit or show one line of text in Perl. There's a whole lot more spinning up and configuring and setting permissions and omg………

    After a decade of running LAMP stacks I'm not encouraged at all by how "easy" app engine seems to be, honestly.

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